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How to analyze Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Facebook Facebook collects tons of useful data about your Pages and organizes it in one place. You can access it by visiting the Business Manager section. Just click the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of Facebook and select your Page under “Business Manager.” For this example, I will use the account of a friend’s
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Execution of Marketing Plan

Step #1 – Begin with the end in mind Identify your goals Analyse your business Step #2 – Set your time-frame What is your best case and worst case scenario? Don’t lock yourself into unreasonable time frames that will reduce your success because you rush Step #3 – Identify your milestones How will you define
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Marketing Strategy Proposal

Essential Elements of Marketing Plans Successful marketing efforts don’t happen by accident. instead, they start with a plan about what you want potential customers to know about your business and outline the steps that it’ll take to drive that message. You build a marketing plan to formalize and capture your plans to reach customers. The
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Goal and Strategy of Interenet Marketing

As the Vice President of marketing I had it all figured out. I could execute on any marketingplan sales Strategy, no matter how complex. So when my CEO called me into his officeto discuss our strategy for the next 18 months I was ready to get started in thenext plan. He outlined two complex plans
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Content Creation Services

Content is still king As Internet marketing and search engines evolve, it becomes clearer and clearer that compelling content is integral to a website’s success. Website content development supports SEO and paid search to create a clear conversion journey for prospective customers. For a winning online marketing strategy, businesses need to create content that is
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Internet Marketing Analytics

Fully leveraging web analytics invariably reduces marketing spend and improve return on investment. Successful-Sites has the experience to help your organization improve marketing results through deeper digital marketing insights, using an infrastructure auditing and digital measurement strategy of great quality Maintaining an analytics platform can be a complex task. It is important to have a
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