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Ad Stategies for Fitness studios

Important Advertising Trends You Want To Pay Attention To:

1. Local SEO worked great until around 2012
2. AdWords worked great for studioS until around 2014
3. Facebook & Instagram work great now (slowly decreasing)
4. YouTube is early but working great for studios already
5. You should pay attention to what’s next…

Every 3-5 years, digital marketing makes MAJOR, business-destroying shifts in how things work.

The best see this is a good thing.

Even GOOD digital marketing strategies won’t work as well in bloody waters (meaning… when so many others are doing it).

These major changes allow the market to wipe out the bottom 80% that ride the easy train, and for those doing things right… give them a HUGE boost of marketing success and they dominate the market until the late adopters finally work their way into the new party late.

In this 100% FREE Training, my mission is to GIVE AWAY what most “marketing coaches” attempt to charge for.

This training is totally ‘on me’, with no catch (end to end). There’s nothing you have to opt into, subscribe to, register for, etc.

Just enjoy the training and share if you found it valuable.

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Part 3

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