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All right we cannot get going with anything until we understand the demographics the ad interface and as you guys can see this is the new if you’re used to Facebook guys are having random in a while this change prior last week at some point so what I want to do istalk about all the stuff as it relates to local so let’s get going let’s justuse a city Orlando Florida now firstthing is you can go 10 to 50 miles around Orlando so we can do it as 10 miles around we gotta hunt 1.1 million people you can’t do 5 6 7 8 9 1 naught or you can do just current city only we got seven hundred seventy thousand people now do you thinklooking at this there’s seven hundredand seventy thousand people who live inOrlando that I can target on Facebookyes or nosee most people when they’re running adsthey’re not really worried aboutlocation too much because they’rerunning a generic for they try to go forthe big niches and they don’t uselocation modifiersthey’re going after e-commerce stuff butwatch this number right here all rightwe have everyone in this location peoplewho live in this location and peopletraveling this location the peopletraveling in this location is peoplewhose most recent locations within theselected area but whose home is morethan a hundred miles away so if we weregoing to do roofers and we just targetedthis straight up we’d be targeting sevenhundred seventy thousand people if wedid just people who lived in thislocation we just knocked off two hundredand ten thousand people two hundred tenthousand people who arevisiting herenow why does this matter let’s do thiswe get into all this later on but let’sjust do home homeownership first timehome buyers and home owners and let’ssay we just left as everyone in thislocation so let’s say we just wanted torun a huge ad all across to everybodythat owns a home if we did just Orlandoand most people never change this like Isaid if you left this aloneyou’d be targeting three hundred thirtythousand people now if we did people wholive in this location we just knockedoff a hundred and ten thousand peopleoff our targeting now why if you guyskeep it like thiseveryone in this locationwhat happens is if they are in thislocation let’s say they live in PortlandOregon but they’re still tagged as ahomeowner you know still show up herebecause their homeowners they are insideof Florida because Orlando Florida yougot everyone in this location tagged soI want this very clear about people wholive in this location and everyone inthis location now what else can we dowith that we didn’t look at this lastone people traveling in this locationso guys you you’re gonna run ads forlocal restaurants in Orlando who do youwant to run the ads for do you want torun the ads to the people who live thereall the time and all right know aboutthem or do you want to run ads to peoplewho are just traveling to that location[Music]now guys when I saw this right here andfigured this stuff out of here thischanged the way I can mark it let’schange this up let’s do Denver DenverColorado guess how many people aretraveling in Denver right now a hundredand seventy thousand guys when this gotclicked for our for me and my companyright here we turn this into so muchmoney because we know how to target justthe people traveling to that locationagain most people run Facebook Ads theydon’t worry they’re not doing it as alocation type thing they’re doing it asa big business thing they’re going aftere-commerce so this right here iscritical that you know now let’s move iton down I suggest you take the time togo through here and look at all thestuff so if you wanted to relationshipstatus you’d go here and click throughall of this stuff and see all thisdifferent stuff you can do engage it’s abig one we’re going to talk about sotake the time to go through here butwhat I want to talk about is thissection right here this section righthere in this section right hereso let’s do Orlando Magic its basketballteamwe got 68 hundred people in Orlando ohwe’re still in Denver so let’s justchange this back to Orlando so we havesome action okayso Orlando Florida there’s 28,000 peoplewho like people who live in thislocation there we gopeople who live in Orlando Florida sixtynine thousand people alikeOrlando Magic now let’s add major-leaguebaseball to it see how that number wentup now I don’t know a way to run an adto these two groups that make sensebecause it’s gonna run to people whoeither like Major League Baseball orlike Orlando Magic so let’s get rid ofthis and then let’s add adifferent one here so before this was onhere this was a hundred some oddthousand now with this one we got creditcard high spenders so now we got twentyeight hundred people so what happenshere is if you put something here hereand here they become and ads so this hasto be true this has to be true and thishas to be true now if you just put fouror five things in just the interest it’san or so agree Major League Baseball orthe Arizona Diamondbacks or Mickey Mouseor Disney World so you’ll have a biggernumber the more stuff you add to thisthe bigger your number goes up so isthat Miami Heatwe went from 2800 to 5200 so the more Iadd here it increases it because it’s anor this or this and this I hope this ismaking sense because this is verycritical to know that’s what these linesare here and that’s how I separate thembeen doing this long enough where youdon’t need to once you get this down patyou’ll realize it so let’s say we’rerunning ads for somebody in OrlandoI’ll show you how this works so let’sjust say we want relation we wantmarried people and we want credit-cardhigh spenders so if we get rid of thiswe can reach 120 thousand people inOrlando who live there who are marriednow for whatever reason let’s say wewant them to have a lot of credit cardsavailable I don’t know what we’re doingbut we’re doing something with creditcard high spenders so now we got marriedpeople in credit card or high spenders6700 people now this is how you go outthere and get those demographics thatyou can’t go get on fit on GoogleAdWords a lot of companies just needtheir message in front of people that’swhy they pay for billboards andnewspaper ads and they do all this stuffjust to get in front of people butthey’re just getting in front of whoeverthat thing shows up to or whoever drivesby it here we can get a lot more detailso this is just a jumping-off point Iwant to make sure this right here isvery clear people traveling in thislocation people who live in thislocation and everyone in this locationI’ve never used people recently in thislocation yeah who knows how long agorecent is so let’s see how long recentwhose most recent location okay so whoknows how long that wasso do you guys see how this is this andthis and this or if you just put a bunchof interest in here it’s orwe got 34,000 people let’s saymultimedianow we got 35,000 peopleand now we have 37,000 people who livein Orlando and like multimedia ortypography or advertising or graphicdesign so guys this is the foundation ofeverything we’re going to do so I had tomake this very clear on these thedifference between and and or okay guyswe needed a jumping-off point and thatis itthis right here when you’re doing localis everything again Orlando Florida ifI’m going after four roofers people andeveryone in location verse people wholive in this location that’s two hundredand ten thousand people if I did thiswith homeowners220,000 people verse 330 thousand peopleI cut a third of these people off justby changing this all right guys on tothe next video all right now let’s diveinto this section right here becausethere’s a lot going on hereyou got the ages you got the gender yougot the languages that is what it iseverybody understands that what I wantto do is go down here for moredemographics so let’s go relationshipand relationship status so here one ofthe biggest things Facebook does isthey’ve got everybody’s relationshipstatus their single divorce whateverpeople update their facebook status nomatter what single interrelationshipmarried engage on specific civil unionall the way down you guys can look attheir self widowed and divorced so whichone of these seems like the biggestopportunity of something we can targetfor local businesses which one of theseis a huge marketengaged 14 thousand people are engagedin Orlando now guys the figure young andengaged they’re on Facebook and they’regonna be posting it now is this all theengaged people in Orlando absolutely notcould you go tell somebody you can getthem in front of every engaged person inOrlando no you couldn’t but what can wemarket with this companies that havewhen people get married I don’t know ifyou guys ever seen Shark Tank where mr.Wonderful’s like I love weddings anddeaths it’s the only time people spendand don’t worry about the price tagweddings I just got married last year alittle over a year ago I understand howmuch these things cost so what can wemarket to engage peoplehow about jewelers how about flourcompanies how about limos how aboutwedding event planners how about weddingevent locations how about caterers Idon’t remember what I said or if I’mmessing it off you guys know thatwomen and men spend a ton of money onweddings so you think you could run $5that they add for a wedding planner or awedding event location or a jeweler or alimo company and charged in 500 bucks amonth absolutely you couldso you set up an ad for 5 bucks a dayjust let it run and it will just cyclethrough as people get married anddropped out people come into the marketthis will change so your ads will alwaysbe updated so let’s look at some moreeducation so let’s do something realquick let’s do 18 through 24 so there’s120,000 people in the Orlando area thatbetween 1824 who are on Facebook nowlet’s put this back to 65 plus educationundergrad years if they’re in collegenow they probably started in 2012 to2019 what not so if we wanted to targetthe college market and we just did 18 to24 we’re gonna get the college agepeople but if we want to actually targetcollege kids who are in a university andshowing their undergrad under ourundergrad years here we go this haspeople from 2012 to 2015 seniors now andthen undergrads from 2015 2019 so you’regetting all of them freshmen sophomoresjuniors seniors yeah 34,000 now guyswhat can we run ads here a lot ofrestaurants have College nights a lot ofmovie theaters have College nights a lotfurniture stores have College discountseverybody that has college discounts ina city you know what and here’ssomething we do I didn’t want to reallytalk about this but let you guys knowabout it we set up pages in these citiesnot pages well we’ll have a Facebookpage for to run the ads for but we cango to big cities set up a collegediscounts websites for that and justlist all of the college’s discounts inthat city for different stuffhow do we make money we charge companies50 bucks a month to put their put theirCollege discount thing on it and then wejust run traffic every month we’llswitch up the ads so these collegestudents are seeing these Collegediscounts over and over and over andover certain percentage of them clickingon them every month and the page isgetting a lot of traffic it’s gettingshared within colleges to other collegepeople so if you set up college discountpages for these company are for eachcity and just get companies pay you 50bucks a day or 50 bucks a month puttheir ad on there get 20 companiesthat’s $1,000 a monthyou’re on $50 or $5 worth of ads a dayto it you’re gonna make $850 profit permonth you guys seeing how this stuffright here can definitely make you moneyall right let’s continue on and there’sa lot of places to go with education nowwork guys um we’re gonna have a wholesection on how to do this but let’s lookat the job titlesall right there’s 2,200 business ownersnow you guys can also do CEO chiefmarketing officer chief operationsofficerso it’s fifty nine hundred people who inthe Orlando area do owner/operator smallbusiness business owner business ownerCEO CEO chief marketing chief operationsofficers this is a very targeted set ofpeople put the right ad in front of themand show them what you can do financialincome guys this one explains itself andwe’ll talk about this later but ahundred thousand to five hundredthousand let’s say you’re a car salesmanand you’re working with itMercedes dealership do you think you’dbe cool if you go out to people thatmake over one hundred and fifty thousanddo you know how many of them there arein Orlando the answer is thirty twothousand that are on Facebookso I’m not gonna spend a lot of time onthis because we’ll talk about this laterthe other one under financials Networkso you can go out to people with fivehundred thousand seven hundred fiftythousand in liquid assets so there’s ahundred and ten thousand people inOrlando in theory now let’s go back herethere’s a hundred and ten thousandpeople I have everyone in this locationbecause we were talking about theeducation let’s change this to peoplewho live in this location see how thatwent down to 69 thousand people do youknow where those 41,000 people wentthose 41,000 people had disappeared howthis target market our people who arevisiting Orlando but do not live thereso if I have a financial planningcompany in Orlando and I want newclients do I care about those 41,000people who are visiting Orlando who willnever become my clients no we justknocked off a little less than a thirdof the people in this total audiencelet’s do more demographics this oneshould get your head spinningyou can just do homeownership homeownersrenters first-time homebuyers first-timehomebuyers is cool but it’s not where weget all the fun home a home type so thisthing is amazing here so home valuelet’s say we only want to go out therepeople who have a house worth over fivehundred thousand over two million1 million nah there’s 3,800 people inOrlando who have a house worth over$500,000what can we target with these people howabout home cleaners like in house maidsyou think they want to take on the 800square foot apartment or they want to goafter this 2700 square foot mansionlet’s go here same thing with thatlet’s say we want to have a maid serviceagain let’s take them on as a client doyou think they want to do the smallerhouse or do they want to go after thehouse that has 3000 plus square feet ifthey’re gonna go there they might aswell get paid correctly home type thereare 1700 people who live in the housewith over 3000 square feet now how theyaggregate all this data guys I’m notgoing to tell you exactly cuz I don’tknow they buy into this epsilon databaseand then they try to match up theentries there to the entries on Facebookthat’s just how they do it so let’s getrid of all theseand there’s one more here your homebuilt so let’s go Orlando probablydoesn’t have that many let’s get rid ofthese safer I had it so homes builtbetween 1940 and 1979do you think these homes need new sidingdo you think these homes need new roofsdo you think these homes need newwindows all the stuff that goes into ityou can see when their homes were builtso you’re not going after thosebrand-new homeowners so let’s say here’ssix six thousand people if you just wenta home homeownership just saidhomeowners two hundred thousand peoplethe way I just showed you is only sixtythousand people do you think you’d havebetter luck on home updates roofsgutters siding windows on older homes orjust this generic homesthis-this-this the other one is parentsyou can go here all parents so if yougot kids with kids under five year oldso you can talk about daycare yada yadayada time to go we’ll go over this laterlast one is life events do you guys knowthis is here anniversary within 30 daysyou think that’s gonna help out friendsof I’ve never really had much help orwork with this one but friends havenewly-engaged it is what it isnewly engaged three months six monthsone year now guys women start planningfor their remember when we talked aboutthe engaged people up there we can goeven further here 2400 people engagedwithin the last three months in sixmonths 5800Dulli engage one year 7600 so you guyssee how you can use this to get go aftertargeting that you can’t do anywhereelse I mean this is crazy so we’re atalmost love minutes I want to keep thesevideos within 10-15 minutes so this isjust going over and showing you guyswhat’s possible in here nobody takes thetime to actually go through and dig intothese and see what’s in here so I’m hereto open your eyes later on we’re goingto show you how to go after certaincompanies or certain niches and I’llgive you the exact ad sets or thetargeting and all that stuffbut what I want to show you guys iswhat’s possible in here now business andindustry this is so generic agriculture236 million who knows what’s under itbusiness business 570 million I don’treally do much under there here we gounder entertainment live events concertsmusic festivals nightclubs I don’t knowwhat parties means plays theaters youthink you guys can use these and thisnumber the 132 million that’s out of ahall now guys this right here thebehaviors is where I get excited there’sso much damage to be done here it’sunreal it’s literally crazy what you cando under here guys man so we might aswell start at the topall right motorcycles purchased new orused I’m not going to go over all thesenew vehicle buyers near market newvehicle shoppers in market new vehicleshopping shoppers max and market so thisis looking looking to buy gonna buy soonso if you guys want to go here you cango to here we are in the power editorsomething you can’t do in the regulareditor is create an ad see here’s allyour options here here the power editorlet’s create a campaign look whathappens when we come here you guys see afew moreoptions here for objective like localawareness now I’m going to cover thislater on but I just want to show youthese two things as most people neverget into the power editor especially ifthey’re doing it on local they just stayin the regular editor but localawarenesslet’s go here and then I’ll show youwhat it says create ads that reachpeople near your business so what doesthis mean let’s say there’s a majordowntown Center in Detroit or Denverwhere there’s a bunch of restaurants howwould you like to have an ad that justgets shown to all of the people within 2miles there you can put it down to onemile so one mile around this downtownarea so if we’re doing restaurants whatwill we have to that do how about wehave it run from 10:00 to 2:00 heylooking for a great lunch spot indowntown Denver click here and let usshow you what we got have it run from5:00 to 10:00hey downtown Denver hungry come down andsee us at Joe’s Pub with this locationawareness what you can do is targetpeople when they enter it based offsomething called geofencing so let’s sayyou have a map okay so here’s a map ofDenver now if you target people just inDenver Denver’s a big city it could beanywhere but let’s say we drew here’sCoors Fieldlet’s say we drew a geofence 1 mile outfrom Coors Field boom and we were in anad just to those people we could targetbars restaurants music venues anybodywho’s in this geofence that Facebookwill draw with their phone turned onwith some type of Bluetooth or some typeof beacon given out so they can trackwhere they’re at which is kind of scaredin general but it is what it is youcould put an ad in front of them now howads are shown is well I can’t tell youexactly how ads of chunks I don’t knowbut you can run an ad and it’s gonna goto certain people here and there but ifyou run these geolocation ads and whatthey call local awareness if somebodypulls up Facebook or when they refreshFacebook or whatever any of theselocation ads are gonna be shown at thevery top right awaywhy because Facebook’s got to get thatmoney out of that ad while that personis inthat location in that location only nowguys we can do this with an addresslet’s do local awareness auction testcreateso then let’s create an ADD test DenverI just hooked this up let’s create a newasset test Denver local create so let’scome here and then when it comes totargeting you got to edit audience solet’s go[Music]restaurants Denver so yeah let’s justgrab a address in Denver this one’s goodlet’s go back to the power editorand when you’re paste that somethingcomes up and says pick a dress so we gotone this is the address we got so we goteverybody around this one-mile radiusnow it doesn’t let you go any closer tothan this you can’t go just peoplewithin 200 feet which would be cool wegot within 100 or one mile of 18:22Blake so everyone in this location wedon’t care if they’re traveling or livein this location but here we gonow it’s not going to the power editordoesn’t give you exact numbers when youupload it these location everybody inthis location it doesn’t give you exactnumbers because there would be two allover the place for them to give you thatso if you look right here we can targetwithin a certain radius of a businessnow this isn’t going to work for adentist you’re not me walking down by adentist see in a day come in for a freeteeth to tooth cleaning but it will workfor a jewelry store Hayes have you seenour new we’ll see you’re in the areahave you seen our new braceletsrestaurants bars music venues comedyclubs a whole bunch of stuff can be doneright herepeople use billboards to get people’sattention which they don’t really workbut they’re good for mass advertisingand spending budgets this is somethinghey can we put the ads in front ofpeople that just around your locationrestaurants are huge with this guyslet’s go back create a campaignand let’s do lead generation now guyswe’re gonna go over lead generationlater on but this allows you to collecta lead from inside of Facebook so whatcan you do with for this you can do homeevaluations you can do insuranceanything where you take a set amount ofdata their name their address their sexmarital status any of that stuff can allbe done inside of Facebook so I justwant to bring these two you guys’sattention that these are actually herein the look in the power editor thatmost people when you’re doing localnever get around to these and of courseoffer claims you can use a restaurant byone app or free appetizer or somethinglike that and promote that sothat’s a way to go about that but offerclients been around for a while a lot ofpeople have seen them I just want tobring up the local awareness and thelead generation alright guys we’re gonnastart getting into exact examples thatwe’ve spent tons of money testing herein the next couple videos down to this afull-size SUV now obviously you can runan ad for a Buick dealership or whateveryou guys want to do this automotive partright here and automotive dealers spendtons of money majority of themaren’t using Facebook Ads correctlythird is going for blanket ads theydon’t know all those targeting’s here solet’s go back here owners make so here’sall the makes you can go after so you goout to BMW dealers so how many there’s75 BMW dealers are owners in Orlando nowguys what can we do with people who owna BMW how many of them you think areloyal some of them are some of themaren’t what if we went to a Mercedesdealer and today we’re gonna run ads toall the BMW owners say hey tired of yourBMW ready to give Mercedes’s chancelet’s let us show you what you what wegot you can cross promote from BMW toMercedes Mercedes to BMW the same way solet’s go automotivemake Mercedes no your honorso 7,500 kind of makes me wonder ifthey’re pulling from the same databaseand just guessing on this but same thingso let’s get rid of this guys I have awhole section on automotive it’s justthat much owners purchased over fortyeight months ago zero six monthsyada-yada-yada style so here you canjust go generic luxury SUV if I’m goingafter people for Mercedes for their newexcel whatever their SUV is who do Iwant to target in the area you thinksomething like thisand guys I have a whole section onautomotive vehicle age now if somebody’scars 11 to 15 years old does that meanthat’s the only car they have no theymight have a car at home that’s 11 15years old and one that’s new so thisstuff can be used in conjunction withother stuff but it’s not the end-allbe-all so if I select this this does notmean 130,000 people in Orlando only haveone vehicle that’s 11 to 15 years old Iwant to make that very clear and guys Iwant to get through all this stuff sowe’re gonna have a whole section on thispurchase type vehicle price I mean thisstuff’s all right here so let’s get outof automotive because I’ll get lost intheir business to business so companysize industry and seniority so if you doseniority they have something calledexecutive C sweet and it’s got 53,000people apparently in Orlando that ourexecutives are c-suite so if you want togo after the decision makers with ageneric ad that’s how you do itnow company size less than 10 employeessir 71 thousand people in Orlando whoworked for a company that has less than10 employees if you guys are going up tothe small mom-and-pop with the genericad here you goone more I want to show you the industrythese aren’t very specific here the onlyones we really use in this is insuranceso we want to go out to people in theinsurance niche the legal niche andrestaurants and the other one wasconstructionso in theory there’s 11,000 peoplethat’s what it is so charitable if youguys do pro bono work for charities likeI do you can come here and find thepeople who are charitable children’scauses arts and culture or animalwelfare so if you’re doing something forlocal PETA not very digital activitiesthe main one we do is small businessownersand how digital activities and smallbusiness ownersit’s pulled it says people who listthemselves as small business owners orown small business pages on Facebookthis is the best way to get the biggestbang for your buck for small businessowners and again guys this is just to goover all this stuff and show you what’shere because most people never take thetime to give you all this stuff expatsI mean legal stuff for that but nothingwe deal with now financial you got theinvestments so highly likely investorsand independent investors likely investfurs personal investments or all thisstuff all the stuff is good because itshows you people who are in the marketso let’s do independent investors andlet’s dolikely personal and highly likely sothere there’s 98 thousand people inOrlando that fit one of these categoriesnow if we’re gonna do this for a wealthmanagement company what else do we needto tie this into remember how this thisand this are and sections let’s go hereand do financial income and a lot ofstudents do net worth because that’s abetter investment metricall right now we got people with a networth of over 500,000 and all the way upto the moon who are highly likelyinvestors independent investors likelyinvest furs or personal investments andwe had 32,000 people what do you think awealth management company wants moresomebody to come to their website orsomebody that in some way is tagged asbeing interested in investments and hasa net worth over $500,000 guys I canmake twenty two thousand dollars a yearsearch on Facebook for investmentadvisors Orlando Florida click on an adand cost that company ten to a hundreddollars and then call them up set anappointment take 30 minutes out of theirday just to realize I only have twentytwo thousand dollars to my name totalI’m not very good to that company I amNOT a good lead well I could send theclick for a couple bucks from here andyou got somebody who’s in who’s uhexcited about investments and it’sgetting into the market and has the networth to go hire this company and givethem a substantial sum of money wherethe investment company can actually makemoney guys this right here is the targetfor wealth management companies crazytargetedtwo bucks click cool they’ll pay you 20no problemlet’s get rid of these are you guysstarting to see how all the stuff can bedone the other one is spending methodswhich is what I like for what we do isfor is uh any type of debt managementcompanies so anybody’s got nine lines ofcredit probably needs some debtmanagement or consolidation activecredit card users it’s just not really abig deal bank cards credit card highspenders gas department retail storeshigh-end to put department store cardsso let’s say I’m going to work for ahigh-end boutique in Orlando they gotthese shots with just really expensiveclothes and everything else or a jewelrystore I can test out this behaviorpeople who have indicated they have anupscale department store card so thisisn’t JC Penney’s this is I don’t shopmuch so I don’t even know what kind ofstores this would be this would be likeGucci coach Rolex and then I all agreethat high-end but they have high-enddepartment store cards you think this isa better targeting than just people withcredit cards of course it isare you guys starting to get excitedherefinancial spending methods primarilycash people primarily credit cards sothat’s pretty much thatso job roles guys I don’t really usethis one too much because there’s notmuch there media again don’t use thismuch but if you have a niche that forsome reason home improvement shows it’sprobably good one so let’s say you’vegot a do-it-yourself type company or aLumber Company or something like thatthis would be a good one to go after thepeople who watch the property brothersand stuff like that are gonna be I’mgonna say more likely to bedo-it-yourselfersmobile device users I mean this if youwant to get into specific phones so ifyou got company it does like cell phonecases or something we don’t use it muchpurchase behavior is huge businessmarketing maintenance repair andoperations we use business marketing ifpeople are buying business marketingservices guess what you have servicesdoll from by our profiles coupon usersdo-it-yourselfers fashionistas foodiesgadget enthusiasts gamers green livinghealthy and fit outdoor shoppers skigolfing guides are you seeing thepotential hereclothing men’s so let’s go women’s andlet’s say fine jewelry let’s get rid ofthis one twenty thousand fine jewelerspeople who shop for fine jewelers guysif you’re not getting excited I don’tknow what to tell youfood and drink so you can go afterbakery I don’t know why that didn’t savebut health and beauty antidepressantantiperspirant sand deodorants cosmeticshair care health and wellness buyersmen’s grooming vitamins vitamins andsupplements home and garden again we’vebeen down that road household products Imean this I don’t we don’t use this atall just because it’s so generic kidsproducts baby care baby toys children’sproducts pets and remember earlier whenI said don’t use the interest for petsdog food and products this one’s a lotbetter identifiers of dog owners thenthe interest up here for or wherever itwas up hereI don’t remember because I never usethis one purchase behavior of dog foodand productsso we got dog products dog owners guysthe pet industry is huge and here it’sjust people who spend online so if youdo online buyers and target it withsomething up here you’re good to go andguys I can’t go over all these in onevideo or get into twelve minutes so youguys can see all this stuff down herewho here is actually taking a look atall this stuffwho’s the first time who is the firsttime this has been shown to you so let’sgo back down here we were residentialprofiles people who live to locationcertain amount of time new move arelikely to move model build from acombination of offline self-reported orwhatever not one we use much becausethere’s better targeting up top seasonaland events don’t use it travel neverseen the need to use it so yes see andthis is something that just popped upand I don’t know how I wouldn’t use thisI think this is funny Facebookokay so this is our look-alike audiencefor different stuff okay so you guys seehow this right here if you guys justfocused on this and what you could dohere or if you just focused on this andwhat you could do here insane insanewhat you guys can do all right guyskeeping this under 15 minutes so nowwe’ve gone over all of this you guysknow about this you guys know aboutinterest we don’t really use them muchin behaviors now let’s start puttingsome stuff together for actual nicheswhere you can go out fire up these adsstart getting clicks and start gettingclients sound good 1.3 billion this isnot just out of the US so let’s see howmany people who live in Orlando likeplays 72,000 in theoryso that’s entertainment you got games soif you go down here to gambling it’s abig oneracing games I mean sports games liveevents ballet bar concerts guys I’m justtrying to show you this alright now soyou can take it in movies never workedwith the movie theater but I guess youcould music if you’re doing concerts ora music venue or a club that has livemusic let’s say you want to do a bluesclub now how accurate this is there’s140,000 people in Orlando who like blueswhether or not that’s actually accurateit’s a whole nother thing TV I don’tknow how you use it on local but it’stheir family relationships guys this isthe most generic thing on here peoplewho have expressed an interest in pagesrelated to weddings not really relevantbut this is fitness and wellnessbodybuilding dieting gyms meditationnutrition you guys can work with yogastudios you can work with gyms you canwork with massage parlors who had a hardworkout come in for 50% off your firstmassage nutrition there’s a nutritionalexperts are popping up where people goto them and get a nutritional diet plannow this is very generic and there’sbetter ways to target but at least thiscuts a lot of the people out on Facebookfor Orlandoso let’s go down here food and drinklet’s go with beverages coffee juicethink they’re sob businesses that justgo after coffee drinkers but your assthere is juice bars you bet their betyour ass there is thirty thousand peoplehave expressed some type of interestagain we’re doing this all with locationin mind physical fitnessand weight training physical exercise soguys personal trainers hugehobbies and activities you guys can allfigure out where this stuff goes but yougot art studios here you go Home &Garden do-it-yourselfers gardeninghome-improvement your local throughyourself shop pets this there’s betterways to target petsI wouldn’t go here and target dogs150,000 people I’ll show you guys how totarget pets a lot better here shortly soI will not use this travel to be honestwith you guysinterest is probably one of my leastused ones for the simple fact that’svery generic shopping in fashion beautyfragrances tattoos 306 million it’s justnot that targeted for the interest nowwhat interest is good for is if you findlet’s say you’re going after restaurantsand you can find all the people out likeApplebee’s it’s very good for goingafter other it’s the only way to goafter big pages so let’s say you’regonna do some Book of the Month Club forsome local business just off the top ofmy head very bad example I know you goout to people who like Oprahso interest I only use the target bigbrands so let’s say we’re going aftersomebody that likes outdoor stuff so wecould do North Face ski helmet I assumeall of these are companies whatever sothat’s how I’d use that so guys for theinterest tab we don’t do much in it nowmost courses out there who don’t dealwith local interest is where it’s atguys they find the audiences that arealready built and they go after themwhile that can be used in local it’s theleast important this right here is waymore important and behaviors is way moreimportant as we’re about to show you ina few seconds so just wanted to coverinterest and show you it’s there andthere’s ways to use it but it’s ourleast used ads that are targeting option

Facebook retargeting

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