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Google AdWords Remarketing Tutorial


would you like to see me make my GoogleAdWords remarketing ads live here inthis tutorial created on May 3rd 2017I’m Jerry Banfield I’m grateful thatI’ve had a business online for nearly 6years I’ve got my statistics for GoogleAdWords in the upper-right of this videoand what I’ll be doing is making ads tobasically get you and the peoplealongside you to come back to my websiteto build a deeper relationship with meremarketing ads are the most powerfulform of online advertising I’ve found tomake this possibleGoogle AdWords Display Network ads aresome of the very cheapest ads I’ve foundto do a great job with long termbranding and bringing people back to mywebsite if you’d like to continuelearning with me would you please keepwatching now and leave a like on thisvideo if you think this is helpful ifyou’d like me to make more videos likethis if you think other people shouldshare their experience live openly forfree just like this would you pleaseleave a dislike if you just hate onlineadvertising don’t want any more videoslike this or whatever else may be goingon with you today would you subscribe tomy youtube channel or like my Facebookpage as I’ve shown options to on mywebsite to continue building a deeperrelationship with me to help me be ofservice to you showing you what worksfor me to have a great online businesstoday I’m grateful to be doing this liveI do not have I just turned off all ofmy remarketing ads so that I could do anew version now technically I turned offI just turned off my Display Networkones I am still running currently thirtydollars a day of YouTube remarketingedge which are also extremely effectiveI’ve got lots of YouTube tutorials adstutorials on my skill share if you go onclick on Skillshare if you go to myclasses on Skillshare and sign up i’vegot lots of online ad tutorials there soI appreciate you watching this I’m soexcited about it anytime you want tovalidate my experience with AdWords justlook at thisthat’s in the upper right and for nowI’ll make my face a little bit smallerso that I can see this thank you DavidSmith for watching thank you very muchAndre Joe Paristhank you Joe Paris actually inspired meto make this on my partner’s page I havea I’ve got Joe Paris listed on mypartner’s page Joe Paris posted in mymasters or my Gerry Banfield and FriendsFacebook group Joe asked about takinghis online course sales to the nextlevel and I’m hoping this tutorial ishelpful for him with doing that and Iappreciate that Joe’s actually watchinglive here along with us Thank You Goldwar and cheering and Mattia for watchingthis is live on Facebook YouTube Twitterand where else is it I think that’s italright Facebook YouTube and Twitterit’s live so along with live it’s notscripted either I’m just freestylingthis I’m just making this off the top ofmy head here because I like in the SteveJobs book Steve Jobs if people would putup a PowerPoint and start explaining tohim he’d say that’s crap if you knowwhat you’re talking about just talkabout it if you don’t then shut the hellup or something like that so that’s howI feel too if you know what you’re doingjust present it don’t bother with thescript or anything so what I’ve got tobegin in my AdWords account Jerry that’sknow what Steve Jobs said or maybe it’snot I’ve read the book and I recalled itthe best as I could I what I’ll do tobegin I’ve already got the basic idea ofwhat I want to advertise I want to bringyou and the people alongside you back tomy website over and over again over thenext several yearsif anyone like you watches the YouTubevideo I want them to see an ad for mywebsite and therefore I want to bringback to my homepage just to seeeverything I do so I’m thinking first ofwhat do I want to advertise on myhomepage I have I mean that’s like ajust kitchen sink all the stuff I doslink down there I also wantto promote my blog I have a blog withfive hundred and fifty plus pulse thingslike a list here of 20 different ways tomake money online all things that I’vedone I want to promote that I also wantto promote my courses I’ve got all thesedifferent courses on my website but Idon’t want to promote the courses I’mselling I actually want to promote allmy free course coupons if you’d like totake my courses you can take to all ofmy courses on Skillshare free for 30days and I want to promote that so thisis a page I want to bring people back toand I also want to promote my resourcespage because I’ve got I’ve spent a tonof time and energy to get all of thesethings up showing exactly what I use inmy business so I want to bring peopleback to it and this is my chance on theresources page to do affiliate marketingso I’ve got these pages I definitelywant ads to then I might also like thecall me page to schedule a call I mightalso like to promote my partners pagenot just for my own benefit but to getmy partners all as listed on here forexample Joe Paris is listed on here Iwant to get my partner’s more traffic aswell so what I’m going to do now that Iknow what I want to promote now it’stime to actually go in and set the adsup for it what I choose to promote isthe most important part of this wholesystem you might think wait wait you’regonna do the whole tutorial you need todo the rest of this and wait you’resaying the the whole point of this is topick the best offer yes if you have ahome page that sells something peopledon’t want it doesn’t matter how goodyou do the ads and I encourage set upads make things with your ads that’ll doa guaranteed win for example even if youdon’t come to my website but you see myname in the ad you may remember togoogle my name later even if you clickon the ad and come to my website anddon’t find anything useful you’re on mywebsite remarketing list after that Ican try again later even if you click toall the pages and don’t do anything youmay justbe more willing to talk about me or goback to my youtube channel if you justdo things like leadpages and squeezepages and you do these things worth theads don’t work you don’t get anythingthis is usually a very frustrating wayto advertise what I advocate what I dois I try and bring everyone into acentral location everyone into mywebsite with my ads and that way I havethe potential for all kinds ofunexpected good things to happen forexample someone might you might come tomy website you might listen to my musicon soundcloud you might then listen tomy songs for years and I might neverhear from you until five years laterthenthere’s an opportunity for us to worktogether what I hope to do is use theseads to build deeper relationships so I’mnot concerned about an immediate profitmotive for these I want these ads tohelp me build deeper relationships withsay someone like you who may have onlywatched a video or two of mine and justcasually came across this in passing andthen I want to keep building showing youmore and more of what I have I feel whatmakes a really impressive businessonline is not being able to throwtogether a squeeze page or a product butdepth depth makes an amazing businessonline to me 550 blog posts that’samazing thousands of videos that’samazing putting music doing all thesedifferent things and having so muchcontent out there that’s amazing I’m notimpressed with just one squeeze page ifI’m gonna work with someone I don’t justwant to check and see a blog post or twoto me someone worth working withlearning with on an ongoing basis hasdepth so the goal of my remarketing adsis to help demonstrate the depth becauseonce I find someone I like learning withI like to just keep learning with thatperson Eckhart Tolle I’ve went throughlike 20 or 30 of his audiobooks I likelistening to him I go through them overand over again so that’s the vision formy remarketing eyes and I’ve spent thefirst eight ninebecause if you don’t have acomprehensive vision for your ads ifyour ads don’t fit in a big pictureeverything I’m about to show you is awaste of time and money everything elseis a time of wasting money if you don’thave a complete picture for how allthese things fit together even if theydon’t work as you think they should workI’ve noticed most everything doesn’twork exactly how I think it should workbut if I set systems up to account forthat then I get really good results sohere we go Justin says what courses doyou recommend to learn AdWords I’mdefinitely going to pitch my courses onthis to learn AdWords I recommend I’vegot if you click on the courses page onmy website and go over to the completegoogle adwords course I have fivedifferent courses here I’m teaching onSkillshare which you can watch all ofthem for free if you sign up forSkillshare or for nine dollars you canadd them to cart and get free couponswhere you don’t need to sign up you dohave to sign up for Skillshare but notfor the premium so it doesn’t cost anymoney I recommend watching these fivecourses I have because I go into depth Igo into painful depth on the technicaldetails I show you all these differentways to create things I show youstarting from scratch back when I’d onlyspent a few thousand dollars in myAdWords account I show all of that inthese classes I even show how to getSkillshare enrollments and I show it indifferent context so if you want tocontinue learning Google AdWords Irecommend these courses I’ve taken otherpeople’s AdWords courses and watchestheir videos I’ve honestly had a hardtime finding anyone else is helpfulmaybe because my ego is just that big sowhat I’ll do 10 minutes in please startthe technical part okay I’ll start thetechnical part now good morning cryptoquarry good to see you again I am hopingto do a music video tomorrow I felt thecalling to do an AdWords tutorial todayso that’s what I’m doing and I’m hopingto do an AdWords tutorial tomorrowI mean a music tutorial tomorrow tobegin you start I’m starting blanks sothis is a spot you should be able tostart with here to begin I create aDisplay Network only campaign now whydisplay network only because I don’tsearch ads as you can see in mystatistics are a lot more expensivesearch ads are if you do remarketinglong story short don’t bother with thatif you want to do remarketing itsDisplay Network only and if you want todo remarketing on YouTube its video adsso for remarketing simple long storyshort I want to do my remarketing adswith Display Network only and what Iwant to do I want to get customers tobuy on my website this is a little markI check here and then what I do is typein a campaign name now there’s a fewdifferent ways I can do the ads the adgroup and ad set up Google AdWords hasthree basic structures you start at thecampaign level then you go down to thead group level then you go into the adlevel so from the very beginning I wantto think ahead what kind of campaignstructure do I want to use what I wantto use is a little bit of a pain interms of setting up initially but itallows for really good scalability andit allows me to cut things out that failand split test everything evenly if Ijust throw everything into one campaignthen if Google realizes that say my freecourses page if this gets all the lowcost clicks and traffic then Google willstop even trying to get people to go tothe other pages on my website what Iwant to be able to do is to control thebudget into each campaign and then Iwant to be able to split test it bycountry so yes what I’m suggesting mayinvolve sending up nine or ten initiallythree or four campaigns copying thoseinto different countries which thencould result in nine to 12 pluscampaigns but that will allow me to aimmy budgetspecifically why I want to if saythere’s a certain page that the adsconvert poorly like say no one wants toschedule a call of me I still might wantto spend a dollar a day on that just incase and then even if the clicks areexpensive if I get calls out of it itmight be worth it in other words I wantto have the most control over my adstherefore what I want to do is setthings at the campaign level so to beginwe’re going to call this homepage andthen I like to do it by country so whatwe’re gonna call this homepage and I’llcall it USA and this is the simplestname I can think of and then this willbe for only ads remarketing ads to myhome page in the USA then I can makedifferent ad groups and theoretically Icould even change the home page if Iwanted to add groups are all under thesame budget though so I can call thishomepage USA and that then is the basicstructure like okay this is what I’mgonna do in the rest of the campaign nowGoogle has this new feature called asmart display campaign which I’mautomatically skeptical of because I’venever used it before so I’m thinkingprobably not but let’s take a look whatdoes it say it automatically optimizesfor conversion combines machine learningtechnologies for bidding targeting adcreation use your Tecton images okay soI’m skeptical automatically on thisGoogle let’s click learn more and seewhat what it’s gonna sell me on so it’sgot automated bidding automatedtargeting interesting now does that meanI can use remarking now let’s go downhere when to use smart campaigns so Iactually read help documentation onstuff smart campaigns may be a goodchoice let’s see you’ve got at least 50conversions in the last 30 daysso I on the Display Network I don’t knowif I’ve gotten that based on my videoads I’vegot it on the display network so I maynot be able to start so here’s what itsays you leave behind manual bidstrategies settings like delivery methodmanual targeting ability to changemanually oh I don’t want to create allmy ads that’s for sure intra ability tochange your Smart manually creating AHAmanual targeting so I probably don’twant a smart display campaign based onwhat it just said but I will may try oneof these in the future so what I’d liketo do now is I want to to get the mostI’ve already got conversion trackingsetup on my website I’ve got it there sonow what I want to do is just be able toget people to go straight to my websiteand then Google can automaticallyoptimize the conversions still it’sdifficult to start off with this if youdon’t have any conversion data so I cando maximum clicks but sometimes if youdo automated target CPA it doesn’t runjust right so I’m not exactly surehonestly which one is the very best tostart out with from scratch even thoughI do have conversion data I can alwaysset manual CPC so this can be an easyway to just get started and then I canchange it to target CP if I want laterso for simplicity I’m going to do manualCPC because one of the most annoyingthings that happens is when you go spendlike two hours or five doing all yourGoogle ads and you come back the nextday and see that there’s no impressionsand you just want to just slap Googlearound a bit like really not you didn’teven show them so sometimes theseautomated strategies don’t start offright so for simplicity I’m going to doa manual CPC with enabling enhanced CPCso it can adjust my bids to maximizeconversions now what’s my budget per daythis is one of the biggest questionsJerry what’s your budget how do you setyour budget I’m going to set a budgetthat I’m comfortable throwing outif I’m just taking my wallet down thestreet and throwing the money outbecause I’m not going for short-termprofit I’m going for long-term deeperrelationships some of the money I spendon ads may take a year to fully come tofruition therefore I want to set abudget I’m comfortable losing becausethis way I don’t have to anxiously checkeveryday are my ads working are my adsworking over my ads working this mustlook funny with my little face in thebackground there look I can make itbigger or my ads working are my headsworking are my heads working I don’twant to I don’t want to set a budgetthat’s too high where I have to getanxious and nervous and check it everyday because that’s really annoying soit’s tricky to plan this out from thebeginning as well because what I don’tknow exactly how it’s going to look inthe long term or how many campaigns I’mgoing to have quite yet so what I wantto do is aim a little lower and I canalways just it higher so I think this isgoing to turn into about 12 campaignswith four different pages on my websitesplit by country so homepage freecourses page and resources page alongwith the blog so that’s four campaignsso what would I like to spend every dayon all of my campaigns that’s twelvecampaignstherefore what amount am i comfortablespending every single day I’mcomfortable spending about twenty tothirty dollars every single day amongall of my different campaigns so if I’mlooking to do twelve campaigns that’sabout two dollars a day to get to 24 Icould go three dollars a day for alittle more ambitious ad spend and Iguess I’ll give that a shot to startbecause of the higher if I said it threedollars a day this will help me seewhat’s working and to make adjustmentsso for example if one thing doesn’t workI can just turn that down and it’ll soI’ll start off at 3 dollars a day whichshould end up being about to actuallythat’ll be 36 a day at 12 and that’s alittle that’s towards the edge of whatlike to spend and I want to be able tospend this every single day of the weekI want to be able to let these ads runindefinitely and therefore I’m puttingthe maximum amount I’m comfortablethrowing out three dollars a day timestwelve campaigns thirty-six dollars aday that’s the most I can pretty muchstand to just waste if it doesn’t workso I’m gonna set my budget for each ofthese to three dollars a day then whatI’m going to do I don’t want I don’twant location information but it hasthat in there anyway what I want to dois pick a couple of quick settings onhere delivery method I don’t want tomess with that schedules fine these cango now here’s what I want to do I wantthe ads expected to provide moreconversions and another thing I want todo I don’t want to hit people repeatedlywith this campaign therefore I’d like amaximum of one impression per day forthis campaign because I don’t want tohit the same person ten or fifteen ortwenty times a day now that could be aproblem if say someone’s on a forum andthey go to the bottom of the page and myad loads and they don’t even see it butthat’s okay because I’ll get to tryagain on another day I don’t want Googleto just dump my ads into what I noticeGoogle does is it throws up a bunch ofdifferent ads all at once it’ll put thesame ads on the page five or ten timesso what I’m gonna do is lock it at oneviewable impression per day this givesme the chance to do an overtime strategya bit better I’ve got a big remarkingaudience so I don’t want to waste all myimpressions on one person over and overon the same day I’d like to force Googleto show my ads across the board plus I’mgonna have four different campaigns justdoing it that way Google can get thesame person four times a day that way soI’m going to cap this frequency cappinghelps preserve my ad budget this helpsaccount for waste a lot in Google so Ihit the frequency capping and then I setit for one viewable impression per dayI’m going to let it show on allcontent and then I’m not going to foolwith any device targeting in here I amgoing to go to location options and putpeople in my targeted location becauseGoogle likes to just think it knows whatI meanso I target USA and then it decides wellif someone’s traveling to Sweden butthey’re from the USA we’re just gonnashow them ads over there as wellbut that’s not what I want Google I wantmy edge just shown to people who are inthe US because if someone in the UStravels globally I want to get the morethan likely lower cost to show them anad in a different campaign I don’t wantto be showing ads that are targeted inthe USA – wherever Google thinks isappropriate if someone for example inIndia searches for something in the USAthen Google can then sit there and showthem an ad based on this so I only setit to people in my targeted and excludedlocation now I’ve just went through I’llquickly review this I started a displaycampaign I selected by on my website Icalled it the page I’m using and thenthe country and I couldn’t also do sayhomepage I could do May 2017 to knowwhen the campaign was created and then Iselected my country US but I’m going tomake these global by copying and doingadditional campaigns but further I startoff with the US campaign and then I copyfrom there I clicked manual CPC withenhanced CPC because this is easy tostart with I put three dollars a daybecause on twelve campaigns I’m okaythrowing all that out then one viewableimpression on ad delivery and then justpeople in my locations now you mightthink well you don’t need that you’renot excluding anyone here I try andthink forward so in future campaignswhen I copy this I’ll need to have thison also I hit save and continue now andwe begin the ad group now what I like todo is just start off simple and makesure my ads get approved I don’t want toput in a whole bunch of time and effortmaking 50 different adsrealized my landing page gets rejectednow I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have aproblem but I still don’t want to wastea whole bunch of time so what I’m goingto do is make an ad group one here formy home page and I would like to set abid that I think my clicks in the USwere like 45 cents Bob I’ll put like 54to make sure it clicks then I’ll go overhere and copy my home page drop thatright there and then what I’m going todo is call this what do you think ofwhat do you think this ad group willbasically say what do you think of myupdated home page and that will be thethe ad group then is the theme of thedifferent ads in that group and you canhave one landing page per ad group thenhow do i target these ads what I want todo is use interest in remarketing almostany other method of targeting on Googlestinks remarketing and works so muchbetter than everything else it’s hard tobelieve if you want to see if you’rewatching and wondering what software Iuse at this point would you just go tomy website and go down to the freecourse coupons over here and you can seeI’ve got classes explaining this indetail or you can go over to theresources and I’ve got lists ofequipment and software I use on theresources page it’s a quick quicktangent so well back over here now whatI want interests in remarketing becauseI don’t want to show any ads to anyonewho’s brand new I don’t want to waste mydisplay ads on people who never heard ofme I want to show these ads to peoplewho already have heard of me I wantpeople like you are already have spentsome time with me to then be remindedlater I don’t want to waste display adson 99% of the world who’s never heard ofme and doesn’t care I just want to showads to build a deeper relationship sofor this what I’m going to do I’m goingto do YouTube and I’m going to do mywebsite now YouTube as thesesimilar audiences and these are videoviewers lists in order to get these youhave to sync your YouTube account withyour AdWords account so if you don’t seethese video viewers let’s sync yourYouTube with your AdWords and what I’mgoing to do in here is then go click onall these different audiences and thenI’ve got all these different viewerlists in here I’ve got millions ofpeople thanks to YouTube that havewatched my videos before and if you’veseen one video of mine on YouTube then Iwant you to be able to see thesedisplaying ads most of the peoplewatched my YouTube videos of andFacebook videos have never came to mywebsite I the point of this particularad campaign is to essentially ask you ifyou’ve watched a video that what do youthink of my new updated home page andthe home page which lists all thesedifferent things most of the peoplewatched my videos probably have no ideathat I have a blog that I have audiobooks that I have Skillshare classesbecause I have so many different videosso this is how I put in all the videosinto my I put all these into my viewerlists here so I’ve got these 5 viewerlists on here my dogs want to let youknow that the mailman’s here as well sothen the other thing I do I go intoremarketing lists here and I’ve got I’vegot a couple of different options I canuse over herenow the dogs are really excited aboutsomething so now what I’ve got over hereI’ve got these all converters these areeveryone who’s been to my website or toany different thing I’ve got onlinehowever in this particular case I’mgoing to do I want to use all convertersor not because I’ve kind of garbage topmy all converters a bit with exactlywhat I’ve done these these are peoplewho’ve been to all these are everyonewho’s pretty much converted ever sosince I’ve got millions on my YouTubelist I’ll just throw all this in thereand then I can essentially diagnose itseparately so now I’ve got remarketingif you came to my website within 90 daysor if you’re on the all converters listand if you’ve watched or engaged withany video on YouTube so now I’ve got acomprehensive retargeting list here andbehind my head it says that it estimatesthat I I have available 100 plus millionimpressions a week which means thereshould be a big opportunity for me toshow as many ads as I have budget for sofifty three dollars a day should workgood to hit the tip of the iceberg ofthis audience so what I do now I’ll hitsave and continue now and this allows meto actually start making the ad now thatI can start making the ad this is thefinal step of the process and this isone of the more detailed technical partsso I minimize my head over here you geta preview on the right of the ad andthen maybe I can put my head and upperleft here nope that won’t work eitheralright so I will do the ad over hereand put the images in and make my hatI’ll make everything from scratch now Icould put different options in here butI don’t really need to because GoogleAdWords has conversion tracking alreadyon it so I don’t need to go do anythingin particular here so what I will do isI’ll go up here to images and Ipick some images that I’ve got for mywebsite so this google pulls theseimages straight off my website that Ican use which is really nice this is anoutstanding feature it has so I can justpull my images here or I can go uploadthem myself so I can also then go uploadI say if I have a picture of my face Ican then just go put a picture of myface in here for example I can dragthings straight there so in that onanother window I’ve got pictures thatI’ve used for thumbnails then what I cando is just bring a picture down from oneof my thumbnails that I’ve got up herein the corner so I can throw I can justpick something up here to put in I cangrab a picture of myself and lots ofdifferent areas oh I can then say like Ican pull my profile picture over in hereI can upload this and then I can I canhave this in here now at all differentsizes so I can hit save so now I’ve gotthis image in here and now I can selectthis I can either put this into as alogo or it can just put this into alldifferent sizes so that’s kind of weirdif it’s in landscape format so I thenmight want a different landscape formatimage so what I might want to do is havethen a different image so this is a nicesquare image but then I need a landscapeimage so what I can do then is pull thisover so I’ve got a landscape image hereand then I can go in here and put thisis the landscape image and then I’ve gota blank white image here so I’ve gotsquare image here I’ve got landscapeimage here both of my face and then Ican actually pull this over I could usethis as my logo over here if I want tothat’s such a nice square image though Icould just use this as the logo also soI could put that in asthe logo then I can go in and do adifferent square image for my face if Iwant to so if I have another photo hereof my face then I can grab that I guessentually pull this back in I can use theand then I can gratuitously kind of havethe logo and the images be exactly thesame so I hit save and now if you’veseen my faceyou can I can literally stick my face onthe ad twice you’re welcome[Laughter]yes yes NewTek I hear you today Iappreciate you watching our toois blahsugai appreciate you watching so nowI’ve got these different images here andit might be nice to choose a differentimage of me to use as a square imagelike it might be nice to just take aslightly different version and not dothe exact same picture with me bothtimes so I could then if I decide I wantto switch this image then I can actuallytake this one out I can drag another onein here and then I should be able tocrop this one into the square image so Ican crop this side but that didn’t workexactly right there so I can I could putthe say crop that in is my square formatand then I’ve got continue so I’ve gotthe square images here so then all thesedifferent images there’s there’s allthese different images and multipleimages of my face so I just think thisis funny cuz I’ve used all these stupidstock photos and things like that beforebut if I’m going to do a display ad thatshows all over the place wouldn’t I wantto stick my face on there that way ifyou’ve been fortunate or unfortunateenough to see my face on a bunch ofvideos then it might make sense so butbased on these previews over here itdoesn’t actually look like I need to usea different image for that so I’ll justtake this I’ll put this in as the squareimage and use that so thereI’ve got pictures of my face all overthe place right here now I want to startworking on the headline I’ve got a longheadline a short headline and businessname so I can call business name for example and I can thenjust have a short headline because thebottom line out of this ad I want you togo visit my website I want you to gotake a look at my new website so what doyou think of my homepage and of courseGoogle with the short headline and thenI need to shorten that so why don’t Iput this in the long headline what doyou think of my newly updated homepageat Jerry there so I’ve gota long headline there but then I want ashort headline in hereI want a short headline that makes willyou visit my homepage Oh Google I’m oneextra character over I’m doneI’m done man will you see how about willyou SEMA what what do you say will yousee my website visit my website come toa websitehave you seen will you look at look atno that’s too many words ah will youlook at what you see I might have to seewill you will you visit will you what isthe other word I’m gonna get thethesaurus out right now on anotherwindow I’m gonna get the dis or sout andwe’re gonna do this thesaurus stylethere’s got to be a shorter word I’mlooking for so I’m gonna put in visitand I’m looking into the source rightnow stay stop talkin no that’s not whatI wanted how about let me put the wordsee in cease not will you notice spotwill you view yeswill you view my website look it’sexactly 25 characters will you view mywebsite I don’t know if that’s as goodas will you see my website or notI could put Oh a home page is too manywords isn’t it home page will you viewmy home page when you view my websitemaybe will you view my website yeahwhere you view my website that soundsthat sounds pretty funny will you viewmy websitewhat do you make a huge homepage updateon my website what do you think there soI’ve got a long description now there soit says will you view my website I justmade a huge homepage update on mywebsite what do you think I just made ahuge homepage update featuringeverything I dofeaturing everything you might love Ijust made a huge homepage update to helpyou find what you wantnow this sometimes writing these justtakes a little bit I just spent a fewhours updating my homepage I just spenta few hours updating my homepage there Imean that’s like a stupid simple aspossible and now I could even we visitmy website there I just spent a fewhours oh and so now I’m looking at thesead previews to see how they lookand then here what do you think of mynewly updated homepage at so now the long headlinesgot a little bit of duplicate and thenif the whole ad is will you view mywebsite I justnow that format didn’t work really wellso I’m kind of looking at the previewshere to see how they look to see how theheadline matches what I’ve got to saynow this one’s great what do you thinkof my newly updated homepage at that’s good what do youthink of my new like that one’s good andthen will you view my website know thatjustdoesn’t oh well that I mean that thatAllah that works good enough so thereI’m gonna just hit save ads right nowand we’re gonna make sure that thatactually goes through so I’ve hit saveads now the campaign is done and fromhere Google needs to improve the ads soin each ad group I’ve got these ads haveto go through a process of under reviewso the ads have to get reviewed and thenwhat happens then after they getreviewed they need to run so one of thethings I like to do after I’ve made onead what I like to do is then use this adto quickly create another one so one onsome of the Google ads they have aoption where you can just quickly copyand edit them but on this one for somereason I don’t see the option to justquickly copy and make a similar ad butwhat you can do you can just go throughand copy and then paste an ad so forexample I can paste and add right herenow I’ve got two different ads so withthese two different ads that what I canessentially do I can just go in and editone so I can go in see the new and so now I can essentiallyjust take a different headline if I wantto see and I’d like to get somethingwith my name on itso will you joinso I then can write a different headlineI can do something else I basically justwon you so I could just make this simplewill you see my new website or I couldsay what do you think of my new websitedoes do you like my new website will yousee my website there ultra simple willyou see my website and then I can I’vejust got one different I’ve got a shortheadline here and then I can even changethis add up I can you go over torecently used here and I can actuallyswitch and use this as the square imageand then when I click on that it lookslike the that’s good so I can then use adifferent square image here so if yousee different versions of the ad I’vegot a chance for that to work so I’vechanged my headline up here with twowill you see my website or I can evenI’ve got enough in here will you view mywebsite I think I don’t don’t rememberwhat I used in here I will you see mywebsite will you view how about will youview my website so I’ve got will youview my website up there now and I hitsave so now I’ve got Wow I’ve got likethe exact same thing here that’sbeautiful I’ve got one in caps in onelower case so now I’ll put will you seemy website or or how about that well yousee my website instead of will you viewmy website so I’ve got really smalldifferent changes I’ve got really tinydifferent changes between these two sothere’s not a huge difference here butI’ve at least tested a little bit of adifferent format will you view mywebsite or will you see my website andthen I’ve got these longer calls toaction now if I want to I can then copythis and make one more it’s nice Iwouldn’t put a bunch of work into thisbefore you get your ads approved butit’s nice to quickly just copy and makesome small changes so Jerrysee Gerry updates yesexactly 25 characters so perfect so nowthis whole thing fits in here nicelyI’ve got a new headline updates so good that’s areally simple little change so now I’vegot this Gerry updateswoody and then I’ve got the I’ve gotsome small differences in the ads rightthere so now I’ve got I’ve got the adgroup created I’ve essentially thiscampaign is done to start with so I’llgo over and put it on display networkonly so you can just see those so thiscampaign essentially is finished nowwell and not finished forever but once Iverify that my ads have got approvedthen what I’m able to do I can go in andadd some more ads in there or if say forexample I don’t like this initial callto action or the way I pitched it I cango make a new ad group with alldifferent types of ads theoretically Icould even change my homepage to somedifferent URL if I wanted to and putthat in as another ad group as well sowhat I’ve shown is how to get this setup in a really simple way I’ve gotremarketing from my home page now youmight not think was that even worth yourtime to just make an ad asking people tocome back to your website I think it isbecause even if people don’t click on itif you notice in my statistics on myGoogle AdWords account I have to lookover on the other monitor theclick-through rate is point 4 2 percenton my ads but the average cost perclicks only 26 cents that means for 26cents I’m showing something like 200plus ads even if people don’t go to mywebsite my as remind them that I’m outthere then I have the chance to getwhat’s called a view through conversionif I look at the summary I’ve gottentens of thousands of view throughconversions where people see an ad forexample on their mobile phone and thenthey go over to the adI’m not they go over to the ad in adifferent format like they see an ad ontheir phone and then they go over ontheir desktop and go to my website fromthere so view-through conversions areabsolutely idealalong with actual clicks so what I wantto do now is just make more campaignslike this and then I don’t what I’mgoing to do once I verify these areapproved once I add some more ads inhere then I will copy them out intodifferent countries or I could actuallydo that now and just copy them and thencopy the new ads I put into them so whatI’ve done I’ve got this one campaign allset up here already now I could either Icould go through and do all the work tomake another campaign or and you know Ilike shortcuts what I can do now I cancopy this entire campaign I can pastethis entire campaign and now all I needto do is make it different all I need todo is essentially make a new ad groupthis way I save a ton of time and energymaking that original campaign all theoriginal settings I used all I do then Ijust changed this up resources may USAchange the name on it then what I do isgo in after I’ve copied it I just go tothis ad group and I go in and I there’stwo different strategies I can use herebasically I can make a different adgroup and copy it so what I’m going todo now I’m gonna remove this ad group sonow there’s no ad group in here and thenI’ve got a blank campaign essentiallywhat I want to do now is just start withthe new ad group and then I could Icould copy the ad group to new campaignsbut I don’t really need to do thatbecause the ad group is pretty fast sothe next step over here is to figure outmy sales pitch for whatever I have nextso the next page I want to do is myresourcePaige so I’m gonna grab my resourcespage and put this in here and then I’mgonna put the same bid in on here and Ican adjust this later so now I what do Iuse or I just I need some call I need asimple way to communicate exactly whatthis page has this page is a completelist of what software and what softwareI use so I’ve got a software page so Ican just go I could do something likewhat what do I use for this so I’ve gotad group name what do I use it goes tothe landing page then over here I do thesame interests and remarketing that Idid before I go over to video viewerslists and everyone who’s actually cameto my channel I put them in here you inhere and then I go over to remarketinglist and I put these top two in here andthen I’m that’s all I’m not gonna checkanything else I just hit save andcontinue so I’ve got that’s how quick itis once you create that first campaignthen its gets to be pretty easy to justgo in and create a new campaign and thena new ad group so now in this ad group Igo in and make sure I’ve got the thefinal URLs already set in here I can goto Jerry for the businessname again and now it’s easier to makethese ads because I already pulled theimages in here so I’m going to recentlyused I can go in and use this a squareimage I can use this as landscape imageand then I can edit these if I need to Ican say that looks good for there andthen I can use this as the logo so I’vegot it’s real easy to put these imagesback together after you’ve done thisonce so I’ve got all that in so nowessentially all I need to do is writeanother short headline what do I use inmy business and that’s too long what doI use what software do I use there asimple question what software do I useand then I’ve got two descriptions andlong headlines so the long headline inthe short headline I don’t think showtogether so you’ll notice the longheadline on here just shows solo andthen the long headline shows my websiteso my long headline is essentially myone pitch the short headline comes uptogether with the description whatsoftware do I use and then I in thedescription view my complete list ofequipment software and services I usefor my business online and then will youI could make it ask so will you viewwill you see V will you see the list ofequipment software and services I use inmy business online they’re really simpleformat and then I can essentially do thesame thing with my long headline so Ican paste this in here and I canessentially put the same thing in withmy long headline because the longheadline and the short headline don’tseem to show together so either way Ican just put these both in together nowI don’t see any different views wherethe long headline and a description showtogether but I could be wrong on that inwhich case it’ll have pretty much thesame question in there the long headlineand I don’t know if it ends up showingwhere these go description adds to theheadline and it looks like the shortheadline only goes with the descriptionso I’ve got the I’ve got these differentformats so I make the long headline inthe description similar so I like I likehaving an ask on there so it makes itvery personal well you see the list ofequipment I use online so now I’ve gotallthis setup so I hit save ads on here sonow I’ve got another ad group I’ve gotan entire new campaign crate and you’llsee how much faster that was so if I goover here I’m out a complete newcampaign created I’ve got this foranother page on my website and then whatI can do I can do the same thing on hereI can essentially go copy this I cancopy this one and paste it and then Ican edit the ad and make a new one thankyou now Ross for sending light fromJordan I appreciate you watching andblue virus from Indiathank you for watching what I can do nowis just quickly edit this short headlinetitle Jerry Banfield I could call itJerry Banfield equipmentJerry Banfield setup there so now I’vegot this different headline JerryBanfield setup now this match is betterso this actually promotes my name in theshort headline Jerry Banfield setupallows me to make it a little easier soI can then shorten I can then switch theheadline up if I wanted also but Ireally don’t need to do that and I’mlazy so look now I’ve got asignificantly different short headlineand that’s the only split testessentially in here and then I can clickthese little add previews on here and Ican see these different images I can seethe text I can see how this looks indifferent formats I can click Edit tomake sure all the images are in placeeverything looks fine so I’ve got twodifferent ads there now if you’rewondering how long the ads take to getapproved they usually don’t get approvedinstantly it usually takes a littlewhile so I recommend especially ifyou’re doing a website for the firsttime just make sure your ad getsapproved and then once it’s approved gofrom there I’m grateful I think thesehave a good shot of getting approved soI put these up and go forward so nowI’ve got two more things I want to do Iwant to do myfree course coupons I want to get peopleback to this page and I want to getpeople over reading my blog with 550blog posts many of which arefantastically helpful tons of differentimages here’s an example so I’ve gotthis a list of 20 ways to make moneyonline I mean at all things I’veactually done listed out with picturesand exact examples Michele jihad wentthrough my co-author on my audio on myKindle and books he’s went through andmade this beautiful blog post itpromotes my class in it so I want peopleto read my blog and I want people I wantpeople to know that I updated myhomepage that I’ve got a list ofresources that I’ve got a blog and thenI’ve got a list of free courses so sothat’s the basic idea so I’ll go throughand do this again essentially for arepetition and it’s better I just wantto copy the first I’ll just go back andcopy the first one again I’ll makeanother copy of the very first campaignI made and paste that and I’m going togo through and do the exact same thingtwice more and then I’ll show you how Ieasily scale that out to differentcountries Madelyn love I hear you heardmy daughter he called for me I’m in hereworking I’ll hang out the after the napalright so we’ve got free courses mayJose says I effing love you well thankyou I was there everything love you aswell so I’ve got this free courses pageI’m going to do now I guess I’ll talk alittle bit quieter my daughter might beready for a nap soon so I’ve got thisfree courses page now what I’m going todo is do the exact same thing go removethis add group and I make sure I got inthe right campaign because it wouldn’tbe too smooth if I did that in all theircampaign so I go through I remove thisad group and now what I need to do isput a new ad group in so exact samething except free courses page so freecourses and I’ll put the same bid in Ican always adjust these bids later we’regoing to go over to the free courses paygrab the URL put these in now I’ve gotmy free courses page listed now I clickon interests and remarketing go overhere video viewers we’re gonna put thevideo viewers and again anyone who’swatched one of my youtube videos I thinkever is able to see this so YouTube hassome amazing remarketing capabilitiesand I think anyone who’s converted on myAdwords list ever I don’t know I think Ithink I don’t know if it’s convertedever or not so anyway I use the new URLthe new thing down here and then I hitsave and continue so I’ve got all thoseremarketing now all I need to do isbasically do the exact same thing againso it’s gonna scan here but we don’tneed that we’re just gonna recently usewe’re gonna do the exact same thingagain except this time I could get cuteand use this one as the logo I could getcute and use this one as the squareimage and I mean I could even stick somedifferent one in the landscape if Iwanted to I could stick some other imagein for the landscape option so I mean Icould put the aghhhhhh here why don’t Istick this one in so I’m gonna pull in adifferent image here that workedabsolutely that was pretty much theworst thing that could have happenedright there remind me to never ever dothat againthat was pretty much the worst thingthat could have happened in thatscenario because I just it erasedeverything I was doing thereso now I need to go through I need tomake another ad so I need to essentiallystart and make an ad out again here andI essentially have to start from scratchbecause I did that so remember rememberdon’t just drag something in unless itsays you can drag something in so I’mglad we’ve learned that here so nowwe’re gonna go try this again I’m gonnago click on upload – click on the uploadbutton first I’m gonna drag this imageinand then I’m going to use this I want tojust see if I can put this and I’ll putthis image in I’ll put this oh I see ifI’m over here so well no that’s notgonna work either so we’re gonna putthis use image all ratios I actuallythink I can solo crop this one I’ve gota landscape image it looks like I can dofor this whole thing it looks like I’vegot a nice square format I can do withthis same image so this is cool I if yousee a bunch of my people see a bunch ofads I can now change up the image onthem how exciting you can see my face inall these different formats so then I’vegot the upload and then I can click onhere and sure I can get cute and stickthis one of these other ones in is thelogo so you can literally see me indifferent color shirts on the exact samead there look isn’t that cuteso now I’ve got that let’s hit that inso I’ve got the I’ve got this new imageand hearing you and if you’re seeing abunch of these you my god this guy’sface and there I’ve got just to add withjust my face I’m not gonna say the guy’sname but one of the other instructors onyou to me that got I think he got bannedbut I can’t prove that he had theseobnoxious thumbnails with his face andat the time I thought god that’s awfuland now I’m like I see the genius ofthat I might as well put my face onstuff having a stock image is justcomplete waste I’ll minimize this rightside so you can see all these adpreviews now you probably couldn’t evensee half what I was doing before oh wellso I’m gonna put this final URL in hereput my business name back in hereJerry now same thing I wantto quickly explain what’s worth it aboutthis page so it might actually be easierto start longer and write shorter so thedescription I get the very most wouldyouthere I could ask something like willyou try taking one of my classes todayand then I can put on the headlinesomething like this Gerry Banfieldclasses or I can put or I could doclasses with Gerry Banfield that’s notenough letters though of course isthat’s gonna be molest letters coursesby there I can do courses by GerryBanfield thereI think classes might work too yes allright classes by Gerry Banfield well youtry taking one of my 80 I’ll just trywould you try taking one of my onlineclasses today for a simple long headlineand and then I don’t see this I have thedescription on here so this just has anice long headline and then I can makemore clear by viewing my list of courseshereSara so I can explain this a little morewhile you try taking one of my onlineclasses todayby viewing this list of my coursesperfect so I’ve got will you try takingone of my classes online today byviewing this list of all my courses andthen I can do essentially the exact samething in the description and if I’mwrong in thinking they don’t put thedescription and the headline togetherwell it’ll ask the same question twiceisn’t that exciting is the YouTube chatstill working I haven’t seen any chat ina while maybe everyone just quitwatching god this is a long boringtutorial Jerry maybe it is so now I’vegot all these different ad formats up onhere and now it’s got a nice big titlelike just for branding it’s easy to seeclasses by Jerry Banfield when you trytaking one of my online classes today byviewing this list of all my courses soit makes it exactly clear what you’regetting so I hit save on this one now Idefinitely want to copy and paste so Ican split test these different things soI’m going to copy and paste and I’mdoing it with the menu instead of withthe buttons to show you that it worksand now that I’ve got that done whatI’ll do is quickly edit this and I’llsay courses by Jerry Banfield instead ofclasses by Jerry Banfield I’ll hit saveand then what I’ll do I will copy bothof these again whoops I’m gonna copyboth of these again and I’m gonna pasteboth of these again and what I will donow is edit I’ll change the order onboth of these so I’ll say Jerry Banfieldclasses on this Madeline are you gonnago napthere so I’m going to update this so itsays Gerry Banfield classes and I’llswitch this over as well same thingGerry Banfield courses and now is thatspelled right you wouldn’t believe howmany ad impressions that I’ve had in mycareer you can call it whatever youwouldn’t believe how many ads I’ve shownthat have been misspelled so there nowI’ve got four different ads for my freecourses page and now I’m I can hitpreview ad I can see the different ads Ican see classes by Gerry Banfieldwe tried taking one of my online classesso there I’ve got a nice different imageads for this so now that’s great I’vegot three out of four of these done sowe are almost finished in just an hourI’m almost finishedmaking all of these different campaignsso I clicked I actually need to just dodisplay campaigns so we’re just sodisplay I’ve almost got all these madeso I’ve got nine dollars a day now andyou’ll notice the original ones I doubtthe ads are approved yet so the ads takea while to get approved on these so nohurry with this so what I’ve got nowI’ve got three ad groups all I need todo is make one more I’m gonna copy thisthe first one again and paste it againand think about what I want to promotewhile it’s pasting I want to promote myblog because if you thank you forletting me know your that’s stillworking I appreciate you watching whatI’m going to do I want to promote myblog so I want I’ve got all these poststhat are really helpful so I want ifpeople have watched videos to know thatI’ve got blog posts as well so it needsto make a simple way will you tryreading my blog or something like thatwith all these blog posts I want to makesure that people know I’ve got a blogpeople like you know that hey I’ve got ablog it might be worth reading it mightnot as well so what I’ll do I’ll removethat ad group again and now what I wantto do same thing over here I want tojust turn this intoblogposts I’ll go back it took a minuteto load so I’ll go I don’t have any adgroups so the same thing I’m gonna doanother new ad group and what I’ll do onhere as I’ll put the blog post pagewe’ll put the exact same bid and thencall this will you read my blog justcall this will you read my blog we’regonna do the exact same thing in theinterests and remarketing again go backover here to video viewers lists firstlike the video and I’m not going to useany of the similar ones because thesimilar ones are people that YouTube hassimilar data on but if you there’s a bigdifference if you’ve actually watched myvideo versus your being similar I don’twant to essentially make a firstimpression with these ads these are adsfor people like you who’ve already seensomething I’ve done before these arethese are ads to deepen a relationship Idon’t want to just ask some randomperson on the street to read my blogbecause there’s essentially no pointthey’ve not seen anything I’ve done Ihaven’t given them anything after I’vegiven something then I want to make anask like that like zombie says you’regoing to play League of Legends again Idon’t know what I’m going to do I fornow I’m doing I just try and do whateverfeels right every day so this is whatI’m doing today I’m planning to makemusic for this foreseeable future butwho knows I could play video games againin the future I don’t know but for todayI’m not playing any video games so whatI’m gonna do I’m gonna start on this addthe final URLs already in I hope I’vespelled my business name right oneverything so I got that I’ll go up toimages I’ll pick recently used I’ll grabthese same ones as before I’ll get cuteand use this one as a logo for somereason it didn’t put that uploaded onein the last one I did I’ll use this oneyou know what maybe I want that red oneagain maybe I want that same image of mein red maybe we’re gonna put that backin here I don’t know why it didn’t copyit but it’s fine I’m gonna use thisimage in all ratios and I I candrop it down a little bit to make it alittle bigger in landscape like that Ican copy it crop it slightly to make itfit here so there I’ve got that and thenI can edit the logo I can I can removethe logo and then I can go to recentlyused and I can go logo this one there soI’ve got that in as the logo save nowI’ve got the images of this beautifulface up there and now all I want to dois just ask will you read my blog orJerry will you read my blog and realsimple will you read my blog and thenI’ve got my blog up here now and then Ican change the headline in a differentone so so there I’ve written a simplelong headline and then I can do adescription and maybe I’ll change thisdescription to enjoy new blog postsevery week featuring the best of what Ihave learned about working onlineGoogle doesn’t like exclamation pointseither so I avoid using exclamationpointsso there I’ve got a simple ad where youread my blog and then I could saysomething I could say like Jerry thereso this long ad line would you see ifone of the 550 blog posts I have Ihaven’t written it so that’s notcompletely honest there would you see ifone of the 550 blog posts I have on mywebsite is useful for you today so thereI’ve got another really simple ad willyou read my blog then I hit save adssame thing now all done as my daughtersaysso I’ve got I’ve got another simple adup here and again I want just a simplesplit test I want to copy this and Iwant to paste this and then instead ofit saying up here I will go in to changethe headline and say Jerry Banfield’sblog and I could check to see if blogposts fit blog posts by Jerry beingfilled that’s not gonna fit is it so Iwould just put in Jerry Banfield’s blogand there and then now I want to turnthis one into an ass though whatsomething like there that’s fine I’lljust save it I changed the headline soI’ve got that changed Jerry Banfield’sblog will you read my blog so I’ve gottwo distinctly different ads now atanytime I can go back and add some moreads but I want to do is make sure theseall get approved first I want learnAcademy just made me laugh on YouTubeMichael says will you attribute yourethical hacking sales to search ads orvideo ads Michael I attribute most ofthe hacking sales into video ads whichgot a video up to a viral level whichthen made sales through organic trafficso video ads to rank a video are reallyeffective but Iif you look at the stats on myconversions I made thousands ofconversions from the Display Networkremarketing ads so if I look over andyou’ll see the cost per conversion isthe very lowest on the Display Networkad so what I’m showing is the very mosteffective form of advertising I’ve foundin terms of getting the lowest cost perconversion the display ads are reallygood for that so if you’re just doingthis for the very first time I recommendjust waiting until your ads get approvedbecause I’m doing this in a completetutorial format all at once what I’mgoing to do is hit copy and then I’mgoing to show you how I scale this outto different countries so what I do tobring this to different countries I copyall four of these campaigns I made whichallow me to independently control thebudget on every single campaign for eachindividual page on my website so whatI’m going to do now is paste all ofthese campaigns and then what I’m goingto do is target the UK Canada andAustralia specifically for thesecampaigns and then I’m going to do thesame thing on four more campaigns andtarget the rest of the world with thosecampaigns with the idea being put allthose together and that should be a lotof display ads a lot of traffic to mywebsite so what I’m gonna do now editeach of these so I need to go down andedit I want to edit blog posts and we’llput this in Canada are in alphabeticalorder Australia Canada UK so I’m gonnaput these in exactly the same on eachone so we’ll go free courses to take outUSA and put in au UK resources take outUSA put that in and then go down thehome page do the same thing so I’ve gotthose in now and what I want to do oneach of these is quickly edit thecountry so thankfully there’s a fast wayI can do this I can go up to blog postsover here click the targeting and thenwhat I can do is remove this and justenter each of these in here UnitedKingdom Australiaadd and then Canada no no you spellCanada Giri air so I’ve got these nowthis budget relatively should be alittle go a little bit farther than mybudget in the US and which is great Ilike a global reach I find is incrediblypowerful but I can adjust the budgeteach day depending on how each campaignperforms in each country so there’s anice new feature Google’s added which isextremely helpful so what I’ll do overhere I can now quickly edit thelocations again and then I can go in andput these I can go put the locations inI just used all right at least thought Icould Google do that it had a nicefeature where it just allowed you toedit real quick all the locations nopealright so I’m gonna have to manuallyenter each of these in again so I go injust put all these in and then I’ve gotthese on another campaign and it’s niceonce you do this you only need to dothis once so this is why I talked aboutfrom the very beginning I plan out mywhat I want to do ahead of time I thinkabout how I want to lay the campaign outahead of time because I know when I goahead and actually do it these differentthese little tasks of putting thecountries in so I don’t want to make toomany campaigns but at the same time Iwant to be able to have each of thesedifferent parts of my website be able tobe promoted effectively to each of thesedifferent countries and to me one of themost overlooked things in working andhaving a business online or globalcampaigns because it’s actually easierto get someone in Africa to startfollowing me than it is to get mynext-door neighbour to start followingme so what I’ve done now I’ve edited allthese campaigns so if you go look at thetargeting on these new ones you’ll seethat then these are Australia UnitedKingdom on all of these on the locationtargeting in the upper right and then ifyou click on the other ones these areall targeted than the other ones aretargeted us so the only difference isamong these are the countries and thenthe pages and then what I can do oncethe ads get approved I can then go inand put different ads in and then all Ineed to do I can select specificcampaigns and copy when I put new ads inone campaign I can just copy them intothe other countries campaigns that saidit’s easier to just do this slower overtime but since I’m doing this all atonce I’m gonna take this faster approachhowever if I wasn’t doing this for youto see I’d probably just make onecampaign wait for it to get approvedmake another campaign wait you know andtake like two weeks to just slowly makenew campaigns out and then when I addthe whole campaigns kind of built outfor the US then I’d copy them over inall the other countries at once butsince we’re here this is easier to showin a tutorial and I can just do all thisat onceso what I’m gonna do is the same thingthe tutorial will be up after that ifyou’d like to get help with any of thesethings in your business I’m gonna copyeach of these different campaigns andI’m gonna paste these differentcampaigns and then I’m gonna target themglobally and then please go to mywebsite at Jerry slash callyou can schedule a call with me onclarity I’m available or you can justcall these global copy and then on theglobal campaigns I’m going to simplyexclude the countries I already targetedso I’ll show you how to do that that wayI’m not overlapping because I want totarget basically the rest of the worldbesides the US Canada and UK on theseother ones that way all of my campaignscollectively can reach every person inthe world that’s available throughGoogle AdWords which is a huge audienceso what I’ll do now I’m gonna go backthrough and put United States saying andI’m going to exclude all the countries Itargeted in my other ones this willallow theto run in every country except the onesthat I’ve already targeted in othercampaigns so this way this campaign nowtargets everyone but the others so nocampaigns are overlapping now eachcampaign is targeting a specific sectionso what I do I go in each globalcampaign I edit each targeting like thatand then every single time I enter thisback in now I think there’s someshortcuts you can take but practicallythis works good enough now if you make amistake and accidentally like I just didclick and you target a location thenthat’ll screw everything up so what youwant is all countries and territoriestargeted and then just exclude the onesyou don’t want so this allows me I reachthe whole world with my ads now amongall these different campaigns so I haveto go edit each of these if I’m sloppywith it what I end up doing is end uphaving multiple campaigns targeted tothe US when really one says global soI’ve made it pretty much I’ve madepretty much all those mistakes you canmake well I’ve had different campaignstargeted at different you know differenttargeting then what it I thought it wastargeted too so I’m grateful I justcontinue learning growing I keep tryingtrial and error I don’t know which ofthese will work the best I don’t know ifany of these will work at all but thisis the work I do to go make thesecampaigns what I have found is thatdoing remarketing campaigns overtime isa stream ly helpful so I’m just I’mreally excited I got all these displaycampaigns made up now in less than anhour and a half that I’ve shown you howto do this I have twelve campaigns nowthirty-six dollars a day doingremarketing across Google’s DisplayNetwork to everyone who’s watched aYouTube video everyone who’s been to mywebsite or converted in the past andwhen you combine that now I’ve gotremarketing for thirty dollars a day onYouTube so collectively and I’ve got 60dollars sixty six dollars a day inremarketing ads therefore that’s apretty significant budget to bespending to just build a deeperrelationship but fortunately is prettyeasy with the things I have set up ifthese ads get a Skillshare sign up oneSkillshare sign up a day that couldeasily pay for itselfif these ads generate a call every dayor so that’ll easily pay for itselfif these ads generate an affiliatereferral that’ll easily pay for itselfthe problem is I can only seeconversions on my website which don’tnecessarily reflect a payment this is afrequent problem when you rely onthird-party services but it’s worth itbecause I know having people come to mywebsite is a good thing so what I’mdoing quickly is just looking over tomake sure I be double checking mytargeting to make sure I did thetargeting right and then I’m going toend this tutorial here so I click on theside I see if it says USA it says USAbecause that’s one of the easiestmistakes to make and it’s something thatscrews the data all up from the verybeginning so it looks like everything’stargeted just fine over here so I’ve gotall these display campaigns now so fornow there’s not much to do I wait forthese ads to get approved which usuallytakes a few days you can see in thisshort time I now have actually 33different ads running although they’reall actually you know they’re justcopied among different campaigns so nowthere’s nothing else for me to do nowincluding don’t obsess over it so what Ido now I just I set this up and there’sno need for me to even look at it forseveral days I just have these campaignsup and running and I essentially trustthat based on what I’ve done so farthere’s a good chance they’ll getapproved I can essentially leave theseand forget about them now if you don’tend up watching a future tutorial I’llpreview a little bit of what is probablywhat work I may need to do with it so tobegin I need to get the conversions onmy website and then what I have thechance to do is switch over to bidstrategy so once I’ve got enoughconversions using manual CPC then I canset a target CPA or I can do things likemaximizeclicks then I can try some of theseautomated bid strategies that will allowGoogle to essentially bid at the idealspot to help me get the most conversionsfor the lowest cost so I might end upchanging my bid strategy I generallydon’t fool around with the max click toomuch if the ads don’t get anyimpressions then I’m a fool around withthat a little bit now I’ve limited theimpressions my ads will get greatly withthat one little setting I did in thebeginning so theoretically one personshould only be able to see four ads fromme a day now some Google Displaycampaigns work by essentially bodgingone person with hundreds of ads over thecourse of the day what I’m doing isessentially hedging my bets I’ll take amaximum of four ads to you a day whichif it’s like my website you go over tocourses and if I go over and look at theGoogle ads on my website they’llprobably be a bunch of real a ping adsso nice so so you can see there’sseveral ads from like the exact samecompany Sun frog on here there’s severalads by the same company on my website onGoogle so the idea with that is thenwhen I’ve got these exact same adsshowing on here I then let’s say allfour ads pop up at once I might onlyhave a chance to get in front of aperson once a day but that’s goodbecause I’d rather hedge my $3 a daybudget over a bunch of different daysand maybe get lucky and have it appearin the right spot so I’m very gratefulyuvan you’ve watched this all by the endyou’ve got to the end of the completetutorial I’ve tried to answer some ofthe questions that are live I’ve triedto show in absolute complete details Igo through from scratch with no scriptand just show exactly how I do my GoogleAds to my website from start to finisheverything that’s relevant to doing theads but one thing I didn’t show isconversion tracking setup you’ve gotplenty of courses on my website thatwill show you how to do things likeconversion tracking setup I’ve gotvideos that will show how to doconversion tracking setup whatif you’ve made it all the way to the endof this would you please leave a like onthis video and keep coming back for morekeep checking my website or my courseskeep learning with me as I continuesharing with you everything I learnedand maybe let me know if you see one ofmy display ads let me know hey I saw oneof these new ad you made that’d bereally cool so thank you for watchingI’m grateful I have this chance to be ofservice to you today I hope this ishelpful I love you I think you’re anamazing person and I hope you have awonderful day today

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