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Google analytics in 10 Minutes

Hey guys what’s up? Tyler with analytics and we are going to do a quick crashcourse on Google Analytics in ten minutes.So here’s what we’re gonna cover first of all installing Google Analytics onyour website. Setting up your first goal right because without goals GoogleAnalytics is basically useless. Then reviewing some basic reports solet’s go. First things first setting up a Google Analytics account sothe first thing you’re gonna want to do if you’re new to Google Analytics is goto slash analytics or just search for Google Analytics. It’llshow up it’ll take you to this page click on that right there. OK so in ourcase we’re gonna go to slash analytics because I already have a bunchof accounts you’re gonna hit the button that says start for free. So we’re going tostart for free so then what you’re going to need to do is you’re going to need to setup your first account. So this is your first website or whatever you happen tobe doing so in this case I’m going to call it in NAO proposals ok. The website we’regoing to also call it analytic proposals. Then the URL we’re going to borrow thisURL right here which is actually the test site that we’re going to set it up onindustry category. It doesn’t really matter we’re going to hit media maybe it doesn’tmatter. Computers and electronics is perfect. I am in Colorado at this time so we’regoing to choose the Denver timezone. We can share all our data right now that’s fine.Then we’re goingto hit get tracking ID. So that what this is going to do is this isgoing to actually generate a tracking ID So we will removes slashes.We will shave off that one too.I want to make sure we don’t have any slashes in this so as to get tracking ID. It saysok you have to accept. We accept and it’s going to generateour tracking code for us so this tracking code that is about to spit outright here is the actual tracking code that we will use on the website. So nowthe next step is you have to add this to your website. So how do you do that wellyou need to go into the backend of your website so in our case we’re going to openup a new tab right here give it a second to load up and you are going to installthis in the header of your website. Now there’s a lot of different ways to dothat you can do it with a wordpress plugin or you can do it through the theme.So I’m going to actually do it through the theme so I’m using a theme called FEMAfly your theme might be a little different. SO better use a plugin if your new to this.Unfortunately I can’t do all the themes here you’re going to findthe space where it allows you to add the header code. Then what we’re gonna do iscome back over here take this tag that we’re going to copy it and then we are going topaste it in the header code of the website. Okay so go ahead and paste thatinto the header code of the website hit save. Okay now this is embedded in thecode of the website now we should be firing Google Analytics. Okay so we’vedone that so let’s go ahead and go back here so now our account is setup we’veadded the code. Let’s go to real time go to overview see if we have any visiters. Hey lookwe have our first visit on the home page so this backslash right here means itsfirst visit on the home page we loaded up the home page right here. So the nextstep we are going to want to do is actually go ahead and set up a goal, because goalsare objectives or things that you want people to do on your website. This isvery very important right now basically all Google Analytics is, is it’s a gianthit counter. It’s gonna tell you how many people came to the website but it’s notnecessarily gonna tell you did there. They do what you want them to do so typically ona website you’ll have a contact form. You may have maybe some e-commerce so ifyou don’t have time to get into right now but for the sake of this examplewe’re going to use the contact form right here. So what I do is I have a genericform set up I use the plugin called gravity forms. You can use any form youwant but what’s gonna happen is if you watch the URL. So currently this is ahome page but when you hit the submit button it’s going to go ahead andredirect you over here and it’s going to change it to this Thank You page. Rightdoes that make sense so hopefully we hit submit and give it asecond and it is going to then load the Thank You page. Yes it load a Thank Youpage, okay perfect that’s exactly what we want to happen so we’re going to go backinto analytics. This is our new account that we just set up you can see that nowwe just loaded the Thank You page. We’re actually going to go down here tothe gear button. We’re going to click that and then we are going to go over here on theright side of the view to goals. Ok so what we want to happen is we are goingto say anytime somebody visits this URL, right this thank you URL, that meansthey’ve completed the goal that we want. okay so now we’re going to go back herewe’re gonna click on goals we’re gonna add a new goal for us we’re just goingto hit custom. There’s lots of built-in options we don’t really care about thoseso go ahead and go to custom then hit continue. It’s going to give us ouroption goal description we’ll say thank youform is the name of the goal and there’s a bunch of different types of goals.We’re going to pick destination, you could do duration, that is how long somebody ison site pages. Events for now we’re just going to dodestination which means when they hit that URL it’ll fire the goal. So we goahead and hit continue we go ahead and drop that in. we’re going to put, begins with,just to make it make it a little more open so it’s basically any URL thatbegins with. And again you don’t include the the domain here. by any URL thatincludes here we’re going to verify this goal it should be, yes, we just createdthis so it’s not actually going to verify if you have an older site withconversions it’ll actually show you how many people filled it out in the pastseven days. Okay but for now we’re good, so we’re gonna go ahead and hit save.Okay so we’ve now created our goal and it is recording so you want to make surethat over here on the right the button says recording. Alright so now we’regonna go back here to real time we’re gonna go to overview. Okay we can seethat the site is live but we’re gonna get rid of these pages and then we’regoing to go back to the home page make sure our Google Analytics code is firing.Okay and then on the real time we’re gonna go to conversions over here on theleft hand side. Okay so we have our goal you see right here so what should happentouch wood. Here is if I put in my name and I hit submit, give it asecond to load and it is going to redirect me to the Thank You page. Okay which itdid and then we should see that as a goal completion come in right here.Look at that, there it is our goal completion our goal hit came in here itregistered so now we’ve installed Google Analytics on the website. We copied thecode over into the header and we basically set up our first conversionwe’re doing really really well. Okay so the third thing I want to do in thislittle crash course is I want to talk to you about the most common and mostuseful reports that we have. So let’s go over hereso now I am looking at analytic comm our website. Unfortunately with a new accountyou don’t have any data so it’s hard to actually look at what’s going on.So this is an account that has lots of data that we’ve collected so I wanted toshow you the top couple reports that I use regularly. So the first one if youclick over here on the left side once you start collecting data go to audience,audience overview it will show you a little bit about your audience. So it hasusers it has sessions and it has pageviews. Okay so with user sessions andpageviews let me explain the difference between them real quick so say that I cometo your website right. Day one I am one user I have created onesession and I have created, let’s say well, in there I visit three pages soyour home page your about I should contact patient now I’ve created threepages. Now from the same computer the next day I come back to your website I’mstill one user right so that’s one on sessions I’ve now created another one soour sessions count will be 2 and our pageviews will actually let’s say I thistime I visit four pages. Yesterday I visited three pages soyour total is going to be seven. All right so users is how manyunique users page uses how many pages are actually looking at in sessions areactually how many sessions right so a session expires after about I think it’sabout 45 minutes. So in the audience overview and you can set your calendarsso let’s look at basically all of October right now is, this is a reallyuseful view you can see by day you can sort by week or even month if you makethe timeline longer. Okay so next reports it’s really useful. Acquisition alltraffic source medium acquisition all traffic source medium over here on theleft so this is going to tell you where your traffic is coming from. So for meGoogle organic on this site is the vast majority. There’s a lot of direct trafficand you get a few or a handful of other ones. But if you’redoing Facebook advertising if you’re doing LinkedIn advertising if you’redoing referrals or guest blogging you’ll see what the top sources of traffic are.and then what you can actually see then is your conversion, So if we go here toall goals we can look we have zero goal completions over this time. So notanything super useful right now but we can actually see all of the goals thathave been completed over here. Let’s actually go back to September I think wehave some goal completions in there that will help us out a lot. Yes we have fiveso we see some we’re from organic some are from direct and we can actually thenclick here and sort by goal completion so looking at this report this will tellyou the sources of your traffic. This is helpful and really powerful.You want to know where your traffic is coming from so then we can go tobehavior and we go at a site content this is a next report and then go to allpages. So this is going to show you the most popular pages on your website. Okayso for example we have a blog that actually is what I just talked about thedifference between user sessions and pageviews. That’s good 646 visits you wehave our landing page report down here. Yes and then we have the home page wehave blog, social media so basically these are the most popular blogs on thewebsite, they generate the most amount of traffic. It’s a really useful report andfinally then you have the conversions report right so we go to all goalsoverview so this actually shows us where the people that are converting. Rightwell are we getting conversions so say we have five goal completions here’s aconversion rate for the site. The abandonment rate how many foreigncompletions we actually had some of these came into our Google Analyticscrash course leads. It will show you the locations as well as in the sourcemedium. Basically where that lead came from so those are the top four reportsthat I use, so we covered how to install analytics how to set up a goal and thetop flow reports all within less than 10 minutes. And this has been your GoogleAnalytics training if you want the full training check out a link in the bio orin the description below because I go really in depth on analytics and we goreally really deep talk to you soon.English

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