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How To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency from Scratch

So you want to start a marketing agency but you do not know where to begin? You dream of a new challenge. You’re ready to build a business and a team you look forward to working with each and every day.

I can relate to that as I had the same aspirations and in 2013 I decided to start my journey to becoming. I was in your shoes not too long ago. In 2015, I started my consulting business because I was fed up with bad marketing and all of the noise online. My goal was to build a no-BS approach to marketing.

Did it go perfectly? Not exactly. But I gained a lot from my experience, and I wanted to share some of the lessons I learned along the way to my podcast listeners.

For starters, most marketing agencies are BAD.

Can this be true?

Unfortunately, there are too many sleazy marketers out there. So I brought David Baker on the show to share his thoughts on why this is and provide a strategy for how to start a remarkable marketing agency from scratch.

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