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The best accessories all runners need

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Fitness is always a fun topic to talk about, since there are always a million products to pick from. However, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to search for workout gear… But not to worry, because in this article we are going to keep it simple. After longs hours of brainstorming and a lot of disagreeing, we came up with 3 accessories all runners need. Keep reading to find out our choices!

The first accessory runners should consider buying is a fitness tracker. Lately, our entire group of bloggers have spent hours walking, running, sleeping… Basically doing any kind of sport or daily chore possible, in order to learn everything there is to know about fitness trackers.  

In case you don’t know what fitness trackers are, these devices are for people who want to track their activity levels and progressively monitor their workouts. So, after considering different options and testing them, we think the Hembeer Fitness Trackers are one of the best models available in the market at reasonable price.

Smart Activity Wristband, Hembeer, Wireless for IOS & Android Smartphone

We found one model with good characteristics and at a reasonable price. Let’s talk about the Hembeer P6, a fitness tracker wristband watch with Bluetooth. I personally love this product! The tracker can check your physical index, that is, it will monitor your steps, distance, calories burned… Basically everything you are doing and need to know! This smart bracelet will help you get a better understanding of your fitness level, making it easier for you to know where you need improvement and what you are doing well. It also monitors your actual sleeping time and motions every night, including light and deep sleep.

When it comes to its design, it is simple but effective. As you can see from the pictures, it’s a thin, comfortable and easy to wear watch. The silicone band is simple to put and remove, you can changes it anytime and anywhere you want. There is actually a diverse variety of colours available in Amazon.  

One of the best features of the watch is the notification reminder. You will have access to incoming and missed calls, messages and all kinds of social information. That is, you will be able to see through your watch all the info you need without having to hold your phone.

The bracelet supports most smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0. It also works with phones with system iOS 7.1 or above and with Android 4.4 or above. Finally, the wristband comes with a standard USB port, specially designed to charge through your PC. So basically, all you need is the tracker and a USB port and your bracelet will be ready to go.

Our second choice of accessories runners should consider buying is a smartphone armband. We assume that everyone who is reading this want to become a passionate runner, right? Well, we have found that there are two types of people, those who slowly try it a few days just to see if they like it, and those who are convinced since day one and just buy everything they need. We must confess that in our team we have found both kind.

For those who don’t want to go running with only the accessories necessary for a comfortable experience, we recommend that you only take the essentials. The armband is definitely one of them. Keep in mind that if you do not like running or it’s just not what you’re looking for, you will can use it anyways.

We are going to present you with the best armbands that have tested by our team. After a long group discussion, we have chosen two.

Universal Running Armband

Sanheshun Runner Armband 

Have you ever try to run with your phone in your hand? If so, then you have realized how uncomfortable it is. Especially when your headphones get tangled up, fall down and end up without music. And let’s face it, running without music makes you lose the desire to continue with that sport.

Since there a vast variety of smartphones models, we have look for different types of armband. This way you can find the perfect fit for you!

Universal Running Armband – Suitable for all Mobile devices from 4.0” – 6.3” + Key/Card/Earphone Holders

The one that has given us a better result is this model, despite the fact that it’s universal, we recommend this product for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, although it adapts to other models that have a screen that doesn’t exceed 6″. It has a good grip on both the mobile and the arm. It has add-ons that give value as the slot to enter the key and another to enter a card.

The mobile enters right in the case which assures you that it will not be moving. Resists sweat, not ending with the mobile all wet is something that we really appreciated. It has a PVC screen that protects the screen. The response of the screen within the case is very good, the best we have tried. The button for the headphones does not coincide at all, but it’s not a problem for its use.

Sanheshun Sports Armband, Mobile Phone Holder For iPhone 7 Plus And Other 5.5" Phones

In second place, we can find this model. It’s design for the iPhone 7, but adapts very well to phones that don’t exceed 5.5″ screens. However, be careful and check the slot of the headphones of your mobile before buying any case. It also has a space for the key, but not for cards. The material that it is made from responds well to sweat, as it protects the mobile. It has a PVC screen, but the response it has on the mobile screen is lower than the previous one.

Finally, our last product is the wireless earphones with Bluetooh. We all love listening to music, videos or any material with the best sound and quality. For this, the best wireless headset will allow you to listen to deep bass, loud and clear highs, and, basically, appreciate your sound completely.

Apart from the sound quality, other features are also important and worth our attention. Characteristics such as comfort, the size of the headphones, weight, portability, the type of batteries used and their duration, etc. For this reason, we have prepared this article with all that information. So, it’s time to decide what earphone to take home. Are you ready?

Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headset Stereo Music Earphones

So, after lots of consideration we have chosen this wireless model. At an affordable price, these small earphones allow Bluetooth 4.0 connection up to 30 feet with excellent sound quality. The earphones have its wiring behind the neck and are super lightweight. Thanks to this format, everything is more portable and you can forget about cables getting all tangled. They offer excellent isolation of external noises and adapt well to the ear to avoid moving or falling when performing exercises. They also have a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 6 hours of continuous use. In conclusion, they are a great option for a low price.

Don’t think it twice and start a healthier life now!

So there you go, these are the 3 accessories runners should consider buying. Now you can go running with total comfort! Have you try any of them? Let us know!