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Fully leveraging web analytics invariably reduces marketing spend and improve return on investment. Successful-Sites has the experience to help your organization improve marketing results through deeper digital marketing insights, using an infrastructure auditing and digital measurement strategy of great quality

Maintaining an analytics platform can be a complex task. It is important to have a proper dashboard setup and valid, accurate data to assess. Reviewing your web analytics setup for data quality is one of our first priorities. This ensures that the data monitored fully effects the trends of the website traffic and that the identified goals and conversion funnels truly reflect your key objectives.

Your web analytics should be monitored regularly to gauge the effectiveness of website changes, new content and to catch potential effects of filters as soon as possible and take action. However, understanding what data is relevant to a particular campaign and analyzing the data accordingly requires expertise. Facts and figures are useless without intuition for how they apply to the future. Taking into account different target audience

demographics, the devices, social networks and search engines they use, adds a level of depth that is key to your success.

We are available to review your current strategy based on the trends observed in your analytics platform. We can also assist with developing a digital measurement strategy for your website. Whether your website earns its keep through ecommerce, lead generation or display advertising, we can assist with developing an effective digital measurement solution that is in consonance with your goals.

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