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SEO Checklist for SEO Audits and New Websites

SEO Checklist for SEO Audits and New Websites

Ultimate SEO checklist

First and foremost, this SEO checklist helps you carry out the most important tasks you should do when creating a new website or performing an SEO Audit.

Essentially it helps you methodically organise your website optimisation. This way you know where to start and to check all aspects of technical SEO, Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, as well as Incoming Links. Most noteworthy: a blog needs to make good reading for the public but also for the robots.

In today’s blog we will see the following SEO Checklist for SEO Audits and New Websites:

    1. Install Google Analytics
    2. Majestic SEO
    3. Opensite Explorer
    4. Squirrly SEO Plugin essential for your SEO checklist
    5. Google Search Console
    6. Google Page Speed Insights
    7. Better Delete Revision
    8. Take the Google Mobile-Friendly test
    9. Google Keyword Planner
    10. LSI Graph
    11. Use prominent Social Sharing Buttons
    12. Double-check everything with an SEO Audit Tool


  1. Install Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics

Essential to measure key SEO metrics like website traffic, conversions and revenue. Here you can track the 7 most important metrics for your site.

seo checklist Google analytics

Google Analytics provides you with SEO website insights and it’s incredibly valuable to the ultimate success of your blog. So all the way from marketing campaign optimisation through to budget allocation, we will show how to do this correctly later on in this blog.