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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

in the above video

  1. create tag manager account
  2. Install tag manager (heade and body) through metronet tag manager plugin
  3. create google analytics account  (
  4. insert the GA tracking code on GTM (google tag manager)
  5. test installation with debug mode on GTM
  6. Add chrome extension (tag assistant)
  7. leave preview mode when you submit the version and check using chrome extensions

in the above video, 10 pints to master in GA

1- Measurement (pageview hit, event hit, transaction hit)

2- Processing data (rules, raw data : sessions , filters…)

3- Metrics and Dimensions

4- Data Exploration and Analysis

5- Custom segments (remarketing adwords, A/B testing)

6- Regular Expressions

7- Custom reports

8- Customazation

9- Correlation (reporting API)

10-Taking action on data

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